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The baby boy weighing 2. But some experts in the United Kingdom said the procedure raises ethical questions and should not have taken place. The experimental form of In Vitro Fertilization IVF uses an egg from the mother, sperm from the father, and another egg from a donor woman. The method was developed to help families affected by deadly mitochondrial diseases which are passed down from mother to baby and had been tried before only one other time, for a family in Jordan, that also set off ethical debate. Some fertility doctors said the technology could increase the odds of IVF too, the report added, with mitochondria — tiny compartments inside nearly every cell of the body that convert food into useable energy — the nucleus of the debate as well.

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You can use the adjective occidental to describe the Western part of the world, as opposed to Asia and the Middle East. The United States is an occidental country. The word occidental is uncommon these days, in part because it's historically been the opposite of oriental , a term for the Eastern countries of the world, mainly Asia — which has come to be considered offensive or at least old-fashioned. You won't hurt anyone's feelings by describing Europe or Canada as occidental , though few people will know what you mean. The Latin root, occidentem , means "western sky" or "sunset.

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Never miss a great news story! Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. Sometimes, when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball. I have recently been diagnosed with a high grade cancer that has metastised, which we frankly did not see coming. A niggling pain led to some tests, which led to this unexpected diagnosis.