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Beetle Bailey begun on September 4, [2] is an American comic strip created by cartoonist Mort Walker. It is set on a fictional United States Army post. In the years just before Walker's death in at age 94 , it was among the oldest comic strips still being produced by its original creator. Beetle was originally a college student at Rockview University. The characters in that early strip were modeled after Walker's Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers at the University of Missouri.

Grouchy cartoon strips

Grouchy cartoon strips

Grouchy cartoon strips

Grouchy cartoon strips

Grouchy cartoon strips

Everyone is fighting some kind of battle. I think gramma's is dirty laundry. Retrieved June 19, Grouchy cartoon 24 of This was discontinued soon afterwards, and the strips Grouchy cartoon strips were printed without scrambling. Government Computer News. Archived from the original on April 14,

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It's not just your bowel. Everything about you is irritable. Munson: Spring Fever's toughest nut to crack. How to stare at people? I tell them that I am working out.

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Grouchy cartoon strips

Grouchy cartoon strips

Grouchy cartoon strips. Grouchy cartoon 1 of 80

Many of characters appeared in both strip and comic book format as well as in other media. Webcomics are comic strips that exist only on the World Wide Web and are not created primarily for newspapers or magazines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Beetle Bailey begun on September 4, [2] is an American comic strip created by cartoonist Mort Walker. It is set on a fictional United States Army post. In the years just before Walker's death in at age 94 , it was among the oldest comic strips still being produced by its original creator. Beetle was originally a college student at Rockview University. The characters in that early strip were modeled after Walker's Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers at the University of Missouri.

On March 13, , during the strip's first year, Beetle quit school and enlisted in the U. Army, where he has remained ever since. The characters never seem to see combat themselves, with the exception of mock battles and combat drills. In fact, they seem to be in their own version of stereotypical comic strip purgatory initially basic training, they now appear to be stuck in time in a regular infantry division.

The uniforms of Beetle Bailey are still the uniforms of the late s to early s Army, with green fatigues and baseball caps as the basic uniform, and the open jeep as the basic military vehicle. Sergeant First Class Snorkel wears a green Class A Army dress uniform with heavily wrinkled garrison cap ; the officers wear M1 helmet liners painted with their insignia.

Despite this 'anachronism,' modern weapons and equipment do make rare appearances. While Beetle Bailey's unit is Company A, one running gag is that the characters are variously seen in different branches of the Army, such as artillery , armor , infantry and paratroops. Beetle is always seen with a hat or helmet covering his forehead and eyes.

Even on leave, his "civvies" include a pork pie hat worn in the same style. He can only be seen without it once—in the original strip when he was still a college student. The strip was pulled and never ran in any newspaper. It has only been printed in various books on the strip's history. One running gag has Sergeant Snorkel hanging helplessly from a small tree branch after having fallen off a cliff first time August 16, While he is never shown falling off, or even walking close to the edge of a cliff, he always seems to hold on to that same branch, yelling for help.

During the first two years of Beetle Bailey' s run , Walker did all work on the strip himself, including writing, penciling, inking and lettering; however, in he hired cartoonist Fred Rhoads as his first assistant. As of , the strip was being syndicated by King Features in 1, papers in the United States and the rest of the world.

The early strip was set at Rockview University. When Beetle joined the Army, all of the other characters were dropped although both incarnations of the strip include a spectacled intellectual named Plato. Four characters from the original cast Bitter Bill, Diamond Jim, Freshman , and Sweatsock made at least one appearance, in the January 5, strip. Neuman , [32] and various officers and civilians.

Among the few to be given names is Julian, a nondescript chauffeur eventually replaced by Julius. But not always. During the early s, the strip was dropped from the Tokyo edition of Stars and Stripes because it allegedly encouraged disrespect for officers.

The civilian press made a huge joke of that, and the ensuing publicity gave the young strip its first big boost in circulation. In , the comic strip was censored because it showed a belly button , and in , [ citation needed ] the description of Rocky's criminal past was replaced with a non-criminal past.

Sometimes Mort Walker created strips with raunchy subject matter for his own amusement. They "end[ed] up in a black box in the bottom drawer", according to Walker. These sketches were sometimes published in Scandinavia , however, with a translation underneath. In Norway , they appeared in the Norwegian Beetle Bailey comic book, Billy , with the cover of the comic marked to show it contained censored strips. To offset any possible negative reaction, the publisher experimented with "scrambling" the strips in the mids.

To see them, the reader had to view them through a "de-scrambling" plastic card. This was discontinued soon afterwards, and the strips later were printed without scrambling.

In Sweden , some of these strips were collected in the Alfapocket series. A TV version of the strip, consisting of 50 six-minute animated cartoon shorts produced by King Features Syndicate , was animated by Paramount Cartoon Studios in the U. The opening credits included the sound of a bugle reveille , followed by a theme song specifically composed for the cartoon:.

June Foray did the voice of Bunny, plus all of the female characters involved. Beetle and Sgt. In the beginning of the show, General Halftrack and Lt.

Flap also appeared in the Chinese Restaurant scene. Blips and General Halftrack was Larry Storch. In , a musical based on the comic strip premiered at Candlewood Playhouse in New Fairfield , Connecticut for a limited run. Music and lyrics were by Neil and Gretchen Gould. In addition to the familiar characters from the strip, the plot introduced a wayward computer that promoted Bailey to three-star general.

All titles by Mort Walker. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comic strip. Beetle Bailey November 21, : In this running gag, Sergeant Snorkel hangs from a small tree growing out of a cliff, while Private Bailey is seen trying to help him—and himself.

The contest to name the new character Gizmo first appeared in this May 6, , strip when Gen. Halftrack walks into Mort Walker's studio demanding a new character to help him with computer related stuff. In the July 4, , strip, the entry sent in by Earl Hemminger of Springfield, Virginia, was announced as the winner from 84, entries.

Uncensored strip at top, censored strip in the middle. The Norwegian translation of the comic strip is shown at the bottom, to show that it was not censored in Norway. His wide-open eyes are seen in the dark mouth of the cannon blinking five times. USA Today. Archived from the original on Retrieved June 19, Beetle Bailey — The Comics Curmudgeon.

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Beetle Bailey, Breaking Into Song". The New York Times. John, Allen May 12, AMC Networks. Archived from the original on April 14, University of Missouri.

Grouchy cartoon strips