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We're here to let you in on a pretty widely known secret about art history: It's dirtier than you remember. Behold, 15 classic works that are way naughtier than you remember. That is, Dead White European Males dominate the archives, and as a result, nude women are usually the subject of historical erotic art. If, after reading this list, you need a fresh take on erotic art, check out the Leopold Museum's aptly titled exhibition "Nude Men" and the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art's show on homoerotic artist Sasha Schneider. This circa painting will go down in history as " the first totally profane life-size female nude in Western art " -- thought to be at least one of the first explicit depictions of female pubic hair.

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Friends and family will want to know so they can look forward to greeting your new baby and supporting you, the new mother. Doctors, midwives, and nurses will want to know so they can track important health milestones and make decisions about interventions and prenatal testing. The simple truth is that only 5 out of women will deliver their baby on their actual due date. Your due date indicates the 40th week since your last menstrual period or the 38th week from ovulation. Once your due date is calculated, you likely to give birth within a four-week period that surrounds your due date.

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Our featured itineraries in Canada include escorted tours, bespoke self-drive itineraries, short wilderness and wildlife experiences that can easily be added on to a longer holiday, and epic rail journeys. All of our featured escorted tours in Canada are operated by our touring partner, Insight Vacations or run as part of their five-star Luxury Gold range. The First Passage to the West route features two enthralling full days on board the Rocky Mountaineer to Lake Louise or onward to Banff, with an overnight stop in Kamloops. This epic cross-country journey takes you through the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia as you make your way from Toronto to Vancouver. This compact yet comprehensive self-drive showcases the key highlights of Alberta and British Columbia, including the beautiful scenery of Banff National Park and the harbourside city of Vancouver.

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Posted by Rob Fontano in Uncategorized. Quality is the number one priority, as long as the seller is being honest and not over charging for a pipe that is no different than any other based on a lie. We like to help educate consumers so they can make the best buying decisions. Whenever I have customers that ask if a pipe is double blown, I lift it up, blow on it twice and say yup, double blown. Our payment processor is currently down.

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Caitlin Leigh was plaiting her long brown hair when she noticed a chunk of strands fall into her hand. Over the course of a few hours she had a 10p sized patch of hair missing. For the next 11 days Caitlin continued to have seizures, eventually having 20 seizures in a day — all while her hair was falling out. She decided to take control by shaving her hair. The decision was scary for someone who, like so many of us, had grown up in a culture that said long, flowing hair was feminine and beautiful.