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From the time they hit puberty until the age of 22, adolescents need about 9 hours of sleep a night to function optimally—to be physically, mentally and cognitively healthy. Tell this to nine out of ten teenagers or their parents for that matter and they will laugh. What teenager has time to sleep for 9 hours a night during the school year? Very few. In fact only about 8 percent of American teenagers get the sleep they need, according to a recent study in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

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Australia Lives and works, Los Angeles. Exploring the real and the referential, parallels of light and consciousness underpin my conceptual framework — embodying Vedic philosophy, quantum thinking and various multidimensional subjects with metaphysical and imaginative implications. I am interested in the effect that light has on our psychology and spatial perception, with its inherent ability to influence the eye and mind of the viewer — and in using it as the means to contemplate space through the ephemeral nature of installations, where light adds an illusory dimension.

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It was often prescribed because it was weaker than Codeine , but still similarly suppressed coughing. The exact process Propoxyphene triggered in the body is still unknown, and current research is limited since it has been pulled from the market. Despite the pain-relieving effects being less potent than Codeine, Darvon was banned for its high risk of heart attacks. For reasons that can only be speculated at this point, Propoxyphene triggered abnormal electrical activity in the nervous system. It is unknown how or why Darvon and Darvocet were triggering heart disorders, but people who were taking either medication as prescribed were developing:.

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Examining the prostate and the rectum with the finger is called a digital rectal examination DRE. An important part of the DRE is the palpation of the prostate. This is done to assess size, shape, consistency, hardness, fluctuation and tenderness on palpation. A complete DRE also includes an assessment of the rectum and the anal canal for bleeding, nodules, haemorrhoids and lacerations of the mucosa. The patient lies the lateral position with the legs bent for the digital rectal examination.

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Ah, College -- it's not just the place to get an advanced education, but a carnal education as well. On campus we learn a lot about hooking up and if we're lucky, some freaky experimentation before settling down after graduation. Are students really hitting the sheets as much as they are hitting the books? Lucky bastards. After polling students aged here's what they discovered about the amount—and they type—of sex taking place behind closed dorm doors:.