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Men's athletic supporters protect your private areas from injury during activity. They stabilize that region without restricting you while participating in vigorous activities. You'll find many different styles to consider, each offering its own range of protection. When you're running and moving through intense exercises or games, the reassurance offered by an athletic supporter makes you feel safe and confident. There are several styles to consider, some designed for specific activities.

Jock strap pics

Jock strap pics

Jock strap pics

Back to top. Let me make you a present of song as the wise man breaks wind and is gone while the fool with the hour-glass Jock strap pics cooking his goose and the nursery rhyme winds along. Jock strap pics me down the long ages: Jpck them sing plcs song. We'll take the child from him put it to the test teach it to be a wise man how to fool the rest. There's a load lifted from Jock strap pics shoulders with the discovery of his disease. After spending the —33 pre-season training intensely by himself as opposed to playing golf with his teammatesMather selected Matthews in fifteen games, enough to earn him in a winners medal after Stoke were crowned Second Division champions, one point ahead of Tottenham Hotspur. A Anonymous Sep 27, Compression shorts offer similar support as a jockstrap, and some compression shorts come with a pouch designed to hold a protective cup, but many compression shorts that have a pouch do not hold the cup tight against the body.

Big breasted beautiful babes vol. By {{searchView.params.artists}}

This model is from the s. Micro-mesh Jockstraps for a spin. Peter Rex Jock strap pics shots and behind the scenes. We got what we thought was an interesting new line of skimpy jocks for Scott to model - Jock strap pics because his body and look always reminded me of physique models from the forties and strwp and the Look-me gear reminded us of the posing pouches from that era. Fit hottie in jockstrap and very visible cock outline. Oh daddy Good looking bottom Jaxx deep throating How to be a better wife dick before he submits his tight asshole. Cruise Jockstrap. McDavid athletic supporter with thermal-weave pouch and black and Tattooed cocks stripes on the waistband. Gay Jockstrap Muscle.

Perfect comfort on the field at home and away, our stylish and sexy jock will brighten up your locker.

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  • Bennett in Chicago, as he was inventing the first jockey, or jock, strap.
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My website: foto. My fansite on facebook: WF portraits. My new book: www. Enjoy my social documentary photos of various events! These photos do NOT imply the. Everyone was asked and they consented to be photographed and posted. There is NO porn, and, NO stolen photos on my site! Viewers should be aware that these photos are viewed by a wide variety of folks.

Use of them by anyone is an infringement of copyright! Use without permission is illegal. Shirt - Noche - Crop Tank. Shorts - Noche - Running Shorts. Socks - Noche - Cushion Socks. You can see the hole article here www. Last evening I helped out a good friend with a photo shoot. It was fun and it was nice to catch up with him as it had been a while since I had seen him. The photo shoot itself was fun It was a gear shoot, full of football, baseball, jocks and singlets.

The flu or as my doc would have me believe Influenza has been at war with me this week, so I did a lil pic.. Happy hunting Mainstore - Marketplace. Taylor Jockstrap - TMD. Robyn Arm Sleeve Essentials - Equal Top - Noche - Crop Tank. So, there may be multiple photographs of some! The photos are from different public events with many different adults from around the world attending.

These photos do NOT imply the person's sexual orientation in any way. Everyone was asked and they consented to be photographed. Blog post: Men Fashion Second Life. FatPack: marketplace. InWorld: maps. Related groups — jockstrap View all 8. American Football Jockstraps. Male Dolls with iPhones. Massive Baseball Bulges. Mens Underwear - Internationaljock. Solitude Melancholy Fear by GR.

Evening Hustle by Jaisun Lendt. Bald Joseph in Boat by Joseph. Read my blog at AtlantaNudeDude. February 26, ! I tried so hard and got so far but in the end, it doesn't even matter. Post-workout self worship Timoteo by Tim Asato. Part of my collaboration with Timoteo underwear, publish by the amazing Gleichlaut Magazine.

TofFc by manspray. Tom of Finland Art Fair. Ken 02 by WF portraits. Lost Boy by Zain Garzo. Green Button Fly Hilfiger's by Joseph. Marshall Arkley by Curb Wear. Meet straight-lad Marshall by GD Photoarts. Oh daddy Miguel by Levi Smith. All American by John Borstel. Kind of makes you want to salute, doesn't it? Tebow bent over with his black jock. Can it get any better than this? Outfit by Angel King. Timoteo look 1 by Tim Asato. Part of my collaboration with Timoteo studios , publish by the amazing Gleichlaut Mag.

TofFb by manspray.

Not only were we shooting on stark white backgrounds which really don't suit him but we were having lighting issues. Google Loading Tom of Finland Art Fair. A Anonymous Jul 23, Spending Christmas in my jockstrap. Gay Pornstar. Oh daddy

Jock strap pics

Jock strap pics

Jock strap pics

Jock strap pics

Jock strap pics

Jock strap pics. By {{searchView.params.artists}}

Just be warned, he's modeling a lot of the Male Power Extreme Collection so there's a whole lot of full frontal nudity. Even with the Nasty Pig shorts, his dick pokes out for a breather - I'm sure no one will be complaining. Jack down and dirty. You don't know Jack but after looking at his gallery it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he's a total exhibitionist, in fact it was hard pun intended for Jack to keep it in his pants.

Needless to say, much of this gallery is not safe for work! Treat these galleries are an archive of past and present models and products we've carried over the past 10 years. Trevor hot in a rough around the edges sort of way. Trevor's the sort of guy who you may not want to meet in a dark alley at night, but then again, you may want to. Don't be fooled by all those tattoos though, he's really a pretty cool guy.

When we met him, he had just got back from a meditation retreat where he wasn't allowed to speak for a full week - that's talent. His other talent is; he's a go go dancer at a local club. Of course now he can also list jockstrap model to his talent list. Patrick ruggedly handsome, hirsute and hot. When we first saw Patrick at a local charity fund raising event, our jaws dropped. This solid mass of muscle and fur was riding a stationary bike in nothing but a jockstrap getting it hot and sweaty to auction off to raise money for the charity.

Being the sponsor of the event, we couldn't bid on the jockstrap so we did the next best thing - we approached him to be our next model. Patrick's a chef by day and a model by night and if his cooking is anywhere as good as the way he looks in his jockstrap coming your way next week then his culinary creations are simply divine! This gallery consists of Patrick in some of our edgier gear: Nasty Pig and Cellblock Just look up Nasty Pig and Cellblock Adam Stray ppu xxxposure jocks and xxx strapped.

All our shoots are hot, but this one ranks up there as one of the best - just be warned, these garments are all about full frontal exposure, and we weren't the only ones getting excited at the photo shoot - Adam seemed to be having a lot of fun too! X-rated photos ahead Ryan Russell outgoing and outrageous. We also took the liberty of doing a lot of bonus shots where he's not exactly always wearing the stuff we threw at him.

The other great thing about Ryan is his outlook on life. There's always a smile on his face - often rare in the modeling world. Fashion doesn't have to be so serious! Ryan is wearing the now discontinued Manzone line of underwear, the now discountinued Good Devil Net Jock, the now discontinued Gregg Homme Commando Jock and the Gregg Homme Joxx which for various reasons we decided not to carry.

He is, however, wearing the Interymen Fill-it jock which as of the posting of this gallery we do still have in stock. Enjoy Ryan's gallery! Feer fearless and sexy. We met this totally hot Venezuelan guy at a Best Ass Contest we sponsored at a local bar. When you look at Feer's bum, you'll know why he won. Although he's the total package and emphasis on the word package , he's got an ass that was just made to model a jockstrap. Luckily for us, he also wasn't shy, so he was also perfect for modeling the totally erotic Gregg Homme forbidden gear.

Just be warned, this gallery is definitely Not Safe For Work. Like we mentioned, he's modeling the now discontinued Gregg Homme Forbidden Jock, Brief and Trunk, plus the Activeman Cotton Contour Jock, both the 3 inch and reglular Brown Activeman Jockstraps, the now discontinued Joe Snyder Spider Jockstraps and the Joe Snyder Man Up that's supposed to lift you up and push you out, but Feer has such a large heavy set that it really isn't doing it's job that well.

Still pretty damn hot as a display suit. Adam Stray self-proclaimed dirty boy. Adam is our favorite dirty boy next door and he certainly proved it during his first shoot modeling a slew of mesh jocks plus the outrageous Joe Snyder Out Front jockstrap with his dick in various states of arousal.

Check back soon for Adams second gallery - shot a full year after this one. Trent strike a pose. Although Trent hadn't done a lot of modeling before, he certainly found his calling. For obvious reasons, I won't name the bar, but Trent works as a Bartender in Toronto and won the bar's hottest guy contest for Trent is modeling the high styling L. Sheahan worldly and wise. Born in India, lived in Dubai, but luckily for us this street jazz dancer has landed in Toronto - and it's about that body!

Sheahan is not only unbelievably sexy, but using his experience as a performer he came alive for the camera and as a result, he was a dream to work with. There were so many great shots that I couldn't whittle them down to 30 so enjoy all Sheahan is modeling everything from our very own ribbed tank tops, crazy fashion meets erotica Gregg Homme jockstraps, Omtex jockstrap and some skimpy and sexy Joe Snyder jocks. Thomas bmx superstar. Thomas came to us through one of our classified ads and although we loved his handsome face, his baggy jeans gave us no indication of what was in store when he drops his drawers at the interview.

So you can imagine our surprise when he dropped his drawers and he not only had a perfect tight body, great ass for a jockstrap plus massive muscular thighs he obtained through his BMX hobby.

As you can see, Thomas was far from shy and the perfect candidate for the Joe Snyder Man-up Bulge Boosters, but take that as your warning, this gallery is a bit risque! Thomas is wearing everything from the butt focusing Male Power Moonshine jocks to mesh enhancing jocks from Andrew Christian plus the bulge boosting Man-up jock from Joe Snyder, fashion jocks from JM and finally the incredibly sexy Everywear Gym and Lounge Shorts.

Corey Kirk living dangerously. Born and raised in a small northern Ontario community, Corey grew up with a wild side for fun and adventure. Dirt biking, mountain climbing, snowmobiling, drag racing, and surfing are all activities that he avidly enjoys and allow him to live life dangerously.

Although he works for the 3rd largest media firm in Canada in marketing and competitive analysis and holds a university degree in marketing as well as a post-graduate degree in in advertising, he loves modeling and is actively seeking as much work as he possibly can. Santos mixing it up. I can't remember exactly what his full background is, but he's a mix of a lot of things including Portuguese in his lineage.

He's worked as a model in the UK for a while but luckily for us, he now resides in Canada working as a fitness instructor not surprising considering that stunning body of his and of course as a model whenever he can. Pure pleasure working with him and there no doubt we will again in the near future.

Clint looks can be deceiving. Don't let Clint's extraordinary tattoos and sexy scars scare you, Clint is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Apparently his father bought him his first Tattoo at the age of 14 and the scars he got during a dangerous factory job working with scalding hot metal. If Clint is willing, we'll certainly be working with him again.

Mardi taking hot up a notch. We've had our eye on Male Power's sexy gear for a while, but we needed the perfect model. Luckily, Mardi answered one of our ads. Not only was he comfortable with nudity he's drop dead gorgeous as well. Enjoy his extended gallery! Mardi is wearing some pretty outrageous jockstraps from Male Power including the crotchless Cyclops Jock. Victor returns. If you've been following Jockstrap Central since the start, you would recognize our latest model Victor.

We shot him back in the days when our photography was stark shot on white backgrounds. Luckily, with a little persistence and internet sleuthing, we found him. As you can see from the following photos - it was worth the wait. This time around, Victor is wearing Nasty Pig briefs, trunks and jockstraps plus a couple of classic sport jockstraps from Activeman.

Francois there's something about guys from montreal. I'm not sure what's in the water in Montreal, but the guys sure are hot - and Francois is no exception. He kind of reminds me of a younger handsome Al Parker.

This ruggedly handsome guy was traveling the world and on his way back home he stopped in Toronto when we managed to snag him. Aren't you glad we did? Christopher jack of all trades. Although our Chrsitopher's shoot was technically a short shoot by our standards, there were so many fantastic shots that we made a double gallery for him anyway. Christopher is a jack of all trades, he's not only a talented musician but he's also a professional figure skater hence the amazing body and now he can add model extraordinaire to his growing list of titles.

Christopher is wearing a few classic colored sports jockstraps from Activeman, the now discontinued N2N Titan Jockstrap, Dirty Fukker jockstrap plus he shows us a very sexy way to wear a traditional hard cup supporter. Stefano introducing Stefano. When Stefano came into the studio we knew we had to get this handsome fitness trainer into some jockstraps. Shooting new models is always a bit of a gamble. An older Trump V-front all-elastic supporter with "Permoflex.

The leg straps attach to the bottom of the panel instead of to the waistband as on traditional jockstraps. Jolt Cola used this jockstrap for advertising purposes. Wear one of these on your next trip to the gym The original K-Mart cotton athletic supporter from the s. Keystone jockstrap made in for U. It was packaged in a printed brown paper bag. Cream-colored LeJacques jockstrap with covered elastic waistband and legstraps.

The Litesome standard supporter from I. Sportswear of England offers extremely comfortable support for all active sports. Royal blue Litesome standard supporter from the UK. The label on this one says, "Machine wash with Ariel Automatic. Litesome Nylon supporter from s England with one green tracer line around the waistband. This jockstrap was designed for swimmers and is not nearly as comfortable as Litesome's cotton jockstraps.

This wideband Litesome Mayfair is from years long past. The English Lonsdale is one of only two or three jocks in my collection that actually refers to itself as a "Jock Strap" on the box. The other is the Bike No. Longdon's Action Cush'n supporter is made in Canada. LP Supporter has an interesting woven pouch and 3" elastic waistband.

Compare this MacGregor cotton jockstrap with its three red tracer lines to the Bike No. This is my oldest MacGregor supporter from the early s. The MacGregor Gold Smith regular-band jockstrap.

This MacGregor supporter is from the s. The Mafra supporter was made by Proorto, S. It has a reinforced perforated pouch, tubular understraps and an adjustable Velcro waistband. Male-Aid incontinent supporter from "Murray Salk, Inc. Markwort wideband abdominal supporter with snap-off pouch. The pouch has a vertical fly for added convenience. The s Marpage athletic supporter with "rip proof" pouch from Martin Bros. It has covered legstraps and a covered elastic waistband.

McDavid athletic supporter with thermal-weave pouch and black and green stripes on the waistband. McDavid narrow-band, swimmer-style jockstrap. A comfortable lightweight breathable pouch with firm elasticated waistband and leg straps. Mirrekord "soporte faja angosta" regular band adult supporter with a sturdy 3" elastic waistband and rib-knit pouch. The waistband has red and black tracer lines.

From Laboratorios LeRoy s. This extremely rare Mizpah from the s was made for Bieedhatch Sporting Goods, Spokane, WA and is one of the older jockstraps in my collection.

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Perfect comfort on the field at home and away, our stylish and sexy jock will brighten up your locker. This barely-there mens underwear is available in black, white and a combination of black with 5 pastel waistband colours. Give it your best shot! Last evening I helped out a good friend with a photo shoot. It was fun and it was nice to catch up with him as it had been a while since I had seen him.

The photo shoot itself was fun It was a gear shoot, full of football, baseball, jocks and singlets. I walk in the desert with a XL T-shirt, and shoes and this jock strap. And show off by lifting the front of the T-shirt to show off. Often regarded as one of the greatest players of the English game, he is the only player to have been knighted while still playing, as well as being the first winner of both the European Footballer of the Year and the Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year awards.

A near-vegetarian teetotaller, he kept fit enough to play at the top level until he was 50 years old. He was also the oldest player ever to play in England's top football division and the oldest player ever to represent the country. He played his final competitive game in , at the age of Matthews was also an inaugural inductee to the English Football Hall of Fame in to honour his contribution to the English game.

He spent nineteen years with Stoke City, playing for the "Potters" from to , and again from to He helped Stoke to the Second Division title in —33 and — In between his two spells at Stoke he spent fourteen years with Blackpool; where he became an FA Cup winner in known as the Matthews Final , after he was on the losing side in the and finals. Following an unsuccessful stint as Port Vale's general manager between and , he travelled around the world, coaching enthusiastic amateurs.

He played 22 reserve games in —32, shunning the social scene to focus on improving his game. Despite this his father insisted that Matthews save this money, and only spend any winning bonus money he earned. After spending the —33 pre-season training intensely by himself as opposed to playing golf with his teammates , Mather selected Matthews in fifteen games, enough to earn him in a winners medal after Stoke were crowned Second Division champions, one point ahead of Tottenham Hotspur.

He played 29 First Division games in —34, as Stoke secured their top-flight status with a twelfth place finish. In —36 Matthews continued to improve, and he added the double body swerve technique to his increasing arsenal of tricks. He played 42 games in —37, including the club's record 10—3 win over West Brom at the Victoria Ground.

Stoke slipped down the league in an extremely tight —38 season, and, annoyed by rumours circulating the city of resentment in the dressing room against him for his England success, Matthews requested a transfer in February; his request was denied. The war cost Matthews his professional career from the age of 24 to the age of The Football League continued for the —47 season, and Matthews played 23 league games, being a major contributor to 30 of the club's 41 goals in these games.

However, in February Matthews was returning from a knee injury when manager McGrory told him he was not in the first eleven for the game against Arsenal; the press reported this as a bust-up.

Smith told Matthews "there are no shackles here Despite taking the lead twice in the match, Blackpool lost out 4—2 to Matt Busby's Manchester United in the final, with Matthews assisting Mortenson for Blackpool's second. Injury limited him to only 28 appearances in —49, as Blackpool struggled to a sixteenth place finish.

He spent the summer touring theatres in a variety act with his brother Ronnie, though he was troubled by an ankle injury he picked up in a charity game. In —51 Blackpool stormed to a third-place finish, and Matthews played 44 games in league and cup. His cited his highlights of the season as a 2—0 win at Sunderland, a 4—4 draw at Arsenal, and a 4—2 defeat at Newcastle United. Despite spending some three months of the season out with a muscle injury,[46] the —53 campaign proved Smith's words to be accurate, as a 38 year old Matthews won an FA Cup winners medal in a match which was, despite Mortensen's hat-trick, subsequently dubbed the 'Matthews Final'.

He helped the "Tangerines" to record a sixth place finish in —54, though hopes of retaining their FA Cup title were ended with a defeat to Port Vale at Vale Park in the Fifth Round. As Smith began to establish a new side with talents such as Jackie Mudie and Jimmy Armfield, Blackpool posted a second place finish in —56, though they ended up some eleven points behind champions Manchester United.

Matthews believed that the performance he gave in a 3—1 win over Arsenal on the opening day of the season was the finest he ever gave. Remaining a key first team member in —57, injury restricted him to 25 league appearances, though Blackpool claimed a creditable fourth place finish. Smith's replacement was Ron Suart, who wanted Matthews to stay out wide, and did not value his contribution in the way that Smith had done. He started the —62 season behind Hill in the pecking order, only getting his place back in time for a 4—0 win over Chelsea after Hill picked up an injury.

As a player, we made you. At Stoke, Matthews found himself playing Second Division football for the first time in 28 years. For years this club has been going nowhere. Now we're on our way". Waddington signed hardman Eddie Clamp to protect Matthews in the —63 season, and the two would also become close friends off the pitch.

After picking up an injury, he missed January onwards of the —64 campaign, and thereby missed the Football League Cup Final defeat to Leicester City. He spent the —65 season playing for the reserve side. On 1 January he became the only footballer to ever be knighted for services to football whilst still an active professional player; though he never thought himself worthy of such an honour.

Stoke City arranged a testimonial match in honour of Matthews; it was much needed as he had spent the vast majority of his career constricted to the tight maximum wage that had been enforced upon the English game. I spent that whole weekend agonizing over what I'd heard and seen that night I'd been working. Senpai really turned Teki's advances down? Who was this 'somebody' he was waiting for?

Why did he glance at me when he said it? The following Monday at school, I spent my time out of sight. And when we had study hall together, I kept my nose in a book, though I didn't catch a single word of what I read. Even in gym, I just wasn't with it.

Coach had a talk with me after class for a few minutes and then sent me to the locker room to wash up and get dressed and go home. All the guys had gone, I thought, so I took off my tank I went and peeked and there he was He was always the last to leave and I'd never had the guts to stay. I stepped around and he heard me, turning to glance up at me with a quirked brow as if to ask, 'What do you want?

He was about to turn away but something snapped inside me. I was not Teki. I was somebody. So I grabbed his wrist and turned him back towards me, pulling him close and sliding my other arm around him. Part of me was so sure he'd push me away, just like he did with Teki. But another part of me didn't care as I leaned in and stole that first kiss. Imagine my surprise when Senpai leaned up to meet it.

I held it for a long moment, letting it deepen a little before breaking it and murmuring, "Have dinner with me. Photographer - Jason Nolan MM www. Model - Ryan Salt MM www. Bathtime with boylesque performer Tom Harlow. See the full set over on Facebook. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Website. Nath is a strapped brief that can be converted into a jock strap. The back can be made transparent in 3 levels, solid or totally gone.

Dare to go bare with [AP. This jock can be work with or without the codpiece and comes with a color changing HUD for both the straps and crotch.

Get yours now, exclusively at the [AP. Chad Jocks by Cubura Store. Wings of Cotton Black by E. E Special promo Second Promo Week! Informations about promo here! Related groups — jock strap. American Football Jockstraps.

Rugby Jockstraps. In a league of his own! TofFc by manspray. Tom of Finland Art Fair. All American by John Borstel. Kind of makes you want to salute, doesn't it? TofFb by manspray. Jake D by summernotme. Stanley mathews statue stoke city fc I may make you feel but I can't make you think. Your sperm's in the gutter -- your love's in the sink. So you ride yourselves over the fields and you make all your animal deals and your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick.

And the sand-castle virtues are all swept away in the tidal destruction the moral melee.

Jock strap pics

Jock strap pics