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Before Team 7 was assigned, Sasuke was known for his popularity over the girls and his skills as a ninja to which Naruto envied. At one point of being annoyed of Sasuke, Naruto stepped up to him and the two glared at one another in disgust. The boy in front of them, not noticing the two, accidentally bumps Naruto into Sasuke and the two share a 'kiss', much to everyone's disgust and later resulting in Naruto getting beat up by the female classmates. After the team was formed, Naruto disguised himself as Sasuke after tying him up and locking him in one of the buildings. However, in the end Naruto had to excuse himself for a minor interruption of going to the bathroom.

Naruto headbands in pairs

Naruto headbands in pairs

Sasuke asked what to do with the Shin clones and Naruto suggested they be dropped off at the Konoha Orphanage, Naruto headbands in pairs Sasuke considered Jerk off pucs soft but relented after seeing how unique their Sharingans are and the clones are just kids. Average rating: 3 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. In your cart, save the other item s for later in order to get NextDay delivery. Naruto takes the scroll from him and begins fighting Orochimaru by tapping into the Nine-Tails' chakra. Additional Information. Email address.

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The old hadbands and I used to be good friends. They did, and as Naruto explained the details of his life from the numerous beatings and attempts on his life, being ostracized by everyone, charged triple for hezdbands, even expired foodshow hheadbands apartment was vandalized and even burnt down, and even up to Mizuki attempting to frame him for the crime headbabds stealing the Forbidden Scroll to the assembled ninja, Hinata could feel the killer-intent rising with each sentence that he spoke. A wide variety of naruto earrings options are available to you, such as stainless steel, alloy. Naruto headbands in pairs exits the room and is then wrapped up and in a tight hug from Sasha and headbanrs his hair tussled by Shu, Naruto headbands in pairs he smacks away from his already messy hair. He paused and fell to his knees. Knowing by reputation that Kakashi poses a threat to Akatsuki's plans, the Asura Path arrives to help the Deva Path fight him. Road headbads Ninja: Naruto the Movie Pain. It would Naruto headbands in pairs Females in slips pictures consistent error, however, since the "gai" kanji has been used in every instance the Naruto headbands in pairs kanji has been shown. Refund can be made only if a replacement is not available. Uzumaki Clan. On Fashion tv nude modle, he frees Konan from the restraints Jiraiya has placed her under and sends her away. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Online. Naruto and Naruto headbands in pairs noticed him walking on the water and stopped right in front of them. After confirming that they do indeed share vision, Jiraiya distracts the Preta Path and immobilises the Human Path, allowing him to Tracy nicholson the Animal Path one-on-one long enough for Shima and Fukasaku to cast Toad Confrontation Singing. Before he is sealed away, Nagato reveals that he has gone from viewing himself as a god to viewing himself as the failed middle volume of a trilogy started by Jiraiya and ended with Naruto.

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  • Forming Akatsuki alongside his friends and fellow war orphans Yahiko and Konan , Nagato dreamed of bringing peace to the violent shinobi world.
  • Over the course of several decades, Akatsuki took different forms and was led by different individuals.

Before Team 7 was assigned, Sasuke was known for his popularity over the girls and his skills as a ninja to which Naruto envied. At one point of being annoyed of Sasuke, Naruto stepped up to him and the two glared at one another in disgust.

The boy in front of them, not noticing the two, accidentally bumps Naruto into Sasuke and the two share a 'kiss', much to everyone's disgust and later resulting in Naruto getting beat up by the female classmates. After the team was formed, Naruto disguised himself as Sasuke after tying him up and locking him in one of the buildings.

However, in the end Naruto had to excuse himself for a minor interruption of going to the bathroom. Just as Naruto left, the real Sasuke walks by and questions Sakura about Naruto's whereabouts.

Being clueless, Sakura tells Sasuke to just ignore Naruto, ranting on about Naruto's stupidity and how he didn't have parents. Angered by her choice of words, Sasuke calls her annoying, telling her that she has no idea how it feels to not have a family nor dealing with loneliness.

During the bell test, Sasuke and Sakura are shown hiding in the bushes while Naruto tries attacking Kakashi with his shadow clones. During the fight, Sasuke was amazed with Naruto's skills, but this quickly dies down once Naruto's clones began attacking one another.

As time runs out, the group fails the exam due to not getting the bells. However, Kakashi decides to later give the team a second chance. Instructing Sasuke and Sakura to not feed Naruto while Naruto was tied up, they were warned to be failed if they did not follow his instructions. This was due to Naruto being caught stealing the food earlier during the first test. Once Kakashi left, Sasuke and Sakura begin eating their lunches. Turning around after hearing Naruto's stomach growl, Sasuke began offering Naruto his food.

Sakura, who tries to persuade Sasuke to leave Naruto hungry, is reassured that Kakashi wasn't near and that a hungry Naruto would only hold the team down later. Agreeing to this, the two began feeding Naruto, but is quickly stopped by Kakashi's dramatic appearance. Preparing for punishment, the team is shocked to hear that they passed. Team 7's first major mission was escorting the bridge builder, Tazuna to his home in the poverty-stricken Land of Waves. Soon after setting out, they were attacked by the Demon Brothers.

Sasuke, who showed exceptional skill, saved Naruto and protected both Sakura and Tazuna when fighting the Demon Brothers. After the fight, Sasuke taunted Naruto for being useless during this encounter by asking Naruto if he was okay and calling him a "scaredy-cat". Naruto then started to get jealous at Sasuke. They soon suggested to quit the mission once Kakashi pointed out that Naruto's wound was poisoned.

However, Naruto refuses and takes out a kunai and stabs his hand in order to remove the poison. He then makes an oath that he will never run away or back down from any mission, threat, or enemy and he would not lose to Sasuke. When Kakashi suspected that Zabuza was still alive, he gave Team 7 a Tree Climbing Practice to improve their chakra control.

Sasuke managed to stay ahead of Naruto for a good length of time, but as Naruto began to catch up, the two began to push each other's limits. Developing a competition over the exercise, each was deteremined to complete the competition first and subsequently motivated the other to do better. During the battle against Haku , Sasuke reawakened the legacy of his clan: the Sharingan , and, for the first time, he worked together with Naruto in combat.

He came up with a plan to have Naruto use shadow clones to fight Haku while Sasuke tried to use his fire jutsu to hit Haku. This ultimately failed and left Naruto unconscious and Sasuke had no choice but to protect him.

He even selflessly pushed himself in the way of Haku's attacks on Naruto to protect him. When Haku tried to use a volley of needles to kill Naruto, Sasuke stepped in to protect him. Naruto wakes up and sees Sasuke standing in front of him, struck by many senbon. Naruto then questions Sasuke's motives and why he was sacrificing himself for Naruto. Sasuke begins to think of their relationship, staring from when he hated Naruto, and replies that he, himself doesn't even know the reason why he saved him and claims that his body had moved on its own.

A shocked Naruto catches Sasuke as he collapses. Sasuke then tells Naruto his goal of killing his brother and with final words, tells Naruto to not let his dream of becoming Hokage die away either. Believing his teammate had died in his arms, Naruto cries for him and becomes enraged and unconsciously taps into the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox within him.

After the fight, it was revealed that Sasuke was merely put into a temporary death state. Naruto and the rest of Team 7 are relieved to discover that Sasuke is still alive. Team 7 is sent into the Forest of Death for the second chunnin exam. Soon after entering the forest, they are attacked by Orochimaru who disguised himself first as Naruto and then as Shiore.

Sasuke was able to deduce that it wasn't Naruto when Orochimaru correctly stated the password the team made up, stating Naruto was too dumb to remember the password. Along this process, he had also immobilised both Sasuke and Sakura. Despite Naruto's timely appearance, Sasuke decides to relinquish their scroll to Orochimaru to ensure their team's survival. However, Naruto intervenes by stopping the deal and punches Sasuke in the face; refusing to accept Sasuke's mindset.

Naruto berates him for easily giving up like a coward and that is not the kind of person Sasuke really is.

Naruto takes the scroll from him and begins fighting Orochimaru by tapping into the Nine-Tails' chakra. While temporarily occupied, Orochimaru uses a snake to attack Sasuke, who tries desperately to get away from him. However, Naruto saves him in time; asking him if he was okay and calling him a "scaredy-cat", like how Sasuke did in the Land of Waves.

Naruto's courageous efforts soon inspire Sasuke to fight in his place. Naruto urging Sasuke not to surrender to the stronger ninja causes Sasuke to prepare to battle with Orochimaru. Before the preliminary matches, Sasuke shows his acknowledgement to Naruto for the first time by telling Naruto, "I also want to fight you".

During the final rounds of the chuunin exam, Naruto is shown worried over Sasuke who had not arrived yet, but is later relieved when the match is delayed. When Sasuke finally arrives, Naruto is shown smiling at him, confirming that Sasuke had to win this match because he also wanted to fight him.

Worried that Gaara might kill Sasuke, Naruto tries to talk to Kakashi to stop the match, but is quickly reassured when Sasuke reveals his Chidori. Realizing Sasuke's new strength, Naruto begins to envy him. With the start of the invasion, Naruto was put to sleep but is awakened by Sakura so that they could go after Sasuke who was pursuing Gaara in order to continue their fight.

Catching up just in time to stop Gaara from killing Sasuke, Naruto takes his place. Once the invasion was over, the group attended the Third Hokage 's funeral. Finding out that Itachi had returned to the village in search of Naruto, Sasuke hunts him down in order to track his brother. When finally being able to find Naruto, the brothers reunite and quickly clash. However, during the fight, Sasuke is left tormented both physically and mentally. After finding Tsunade, the trio returns back to Konoha to which the woman would heal Sasuke.

Relieved that Sasuke had finally recovered, Naruto returns to his training. Noticing a change in Naruto's strength, Sasuke becomes envious and starts to feel seriously threatened by the possibility of naruto getting stronger than him. He starts to treat Naruto and Sakura with contempt and demands a fight with Naruto, which he refuses. Eventually, pressured by Sasuke, Naruto excitedly agrees to fight him. However, Sasuke refuses to wear his headband protector because he doesn't recognize Naruto as an equal and berates him for acting "all high and mighty".

In the fight, Sasuke tries to force Naruto to take the fight seriously and Naruto, after realizing how serious Sasuke is, decides to use stronger force. Clashing towards one another with Rasengan and Chidori at the hospital roof, they are stopped by both Sakura and Kakashi. Kakashi gives Sasuke a lecture about how revenge will benefit him nothing but emptiness, and when Sasuke refuses to listen and asks Kakashi how would he feel if Sasuke killed the people he loved, Kakashi shocked him by replying all of his loved ones are already dead.

With this in mind, Sasuke starts to think about the times he had with Naruto and Sakura, and becomes conflicted between his bond with them versus his desire for revenge. Ultimately, due to the Sound Four, he decides to defect, concluding his friends have made him weak.

When Naruto finds out, he is shown disappointed, but promises that he'd bring Sasuke back no matter what. When Naruto finally catches up to Sasuke, he asks Sasuke if he was willing to turn his back on all his friends and Konoha for a simple matter of getting stronger.

Grabbing hold of him, he gives Sasuke an echoing punch. However, Sasuke is shown to appear no pain and only reacts by spitting his blood in Naruto's face.

The two engage into battle and after some fighting, Naruto asks Sasuke if everything they did as a team meant nothing to him.

With a confession, Sasuke states that everything they did together as a team did hold meaning to him, even stating that Naruto had also become one of his closest friends.

The two then engaged in battle with different goals; Naruto to bring Sasuke back, and Sasuke to kill Naruto. During the fight, Naruto has brief flashbacks about how happy he was when he met Sasuke, how they became rivals and questions if they ever truly had a bond.

When Sasuke is about to kill Naruto by using his Chidori to pierce through Naruto's heart, it is deflected and goes clean through Naruto's right lung. Thinking he had won the battle, the Nine-Tails' chakra begins to envelop Naruto. Watching as the inflicted wound begins to heal, Sasuke questions Naruto's being and what he really was.

In tears, Naruto screams that he was his friend and was not going to allow him to defect to Orochimaru, even if it meant breaking his arms and legs to stop him. After a severe beating, Naruto pins Sasuke against a rock wall and asks him if he had come to senses yet. An enraged Sasuke tells Naruto that he wouldn't be able to understand him, stating that Naruto never had a family to start with and wouldn't understand how it felt to lose one.

Admiting that he didn't know anything about having parents nor a sibling, Naruto confesses that despite so, he thinks of Iruka as a father and him[Sasuke] as his own brother. Finishing it off, Naruto states that to protect that bond, he was willing to stop Sasuke no matter what. Sasuke resists Naruto's appeals and confirms that it was already too late for him to go back.

Putting his forehead protector on, Sasuke declares that he would break their bond and by using the headband, it was to acknowledge Naruto as his equal, causing Naruto to become shocked.

During the fight between Naruto in his Nine-Tailed Fox form, forming a Demon Fox Rasengan using only one hand and Sasuke in his Cursed Seal of Heaven level 2 form, forming a a Flapping Chidori, they collide in an explosion of blue and red chakra that forms a swirling black sphere of energy. At the last moment, Sasuke chooses to punch Naruto in the chest rather than impale him with the Chidori.

Likewise, Naruto only scratches Sasuke's headband, disproving the boy's earlier taunt and minimizing the effects of the Rasengan. Naruto and Sasuke are left hovering within the sphere, gazing sadly at each other.

Shin uses drastic measures to counter Naruto and Sasuke, such as sending his clones to unsuccessfully kidnap Sasuke's daughter, Sarada Uchiha and forcefully take his wife, Sakura. Chapter 7 8. Akatsuki's desire for an end to war attracted many fellow Ame ninja to their cause and, in time, word of their exploits began to travel beyond Amegakure's borders. He paused and fell to his knees. When he was very young, his eyes were covered by his hair, preventing his Rinnegan from being visible. Although typically acting as a single individual, Zetsu is made of two separate personalities: White Zetsu and Black Zetsu. Arashi Namikaze?

Naruto headbands in pairs

Naruto headbands in pairs.

Naruto finished him off with a hard punch to his temple, knocking him unconscious. Now that everyone has turned in your papers, I will have a clone grade it, while we go outside for the kunai and shuriken portion of the exam. There were human-shaped targets and the students had to hit either the center of the target or lethal points. Students were then called up one by one. Naruto walked into the room and waited for instructions, he really wanted to pass. He did not want to fail a third time.

His instincts screamed at him to run as his body shook, inwardly he kept chanting, 'This isn't real, this isn't real! The demonic sounds of the villagers' faces overshadowed giving them an evil look. Naruto yelled back, "I am not a demon, I'm Naruto Uzumaki!

Naruto turned into an exact replica of the fourth Hokage, cloak and all. Making Ranko blink twice, 'He's going to be beating off fangirls with a stick when he gets older, I know that for sure.

After that, Naruto switched with a chair and then made four clones of the fourth Hokage sitting down in a chair. You've earned it. Making tears run silently down his face as a large true smile lit up the room.

In the Hokage tower, an old man with the Hokage hat was smiling at the scene he saw in his crystal ball. He moved his gaze to a spiky blonde-haired man in a portrait. Back to the Naruto, Ranko releases him and ruffles his hair. Naruto exits the room and is then wrapped up and in a tight hug from Sasha and has his hair tussled by Shu, who he smacks away from his already messy hair.

He entered the room as Naruto waited, leaning his head against the cold wall as he tried to calm down his racing heart, he still had his headband in his grip and he moved to tie it around his neck, the metal of the plate glinting in the light.

The group that passed went into the room and faced Ranko's celebratory speech, that was thankfully short because everyone's mind was on either celebrating or relaxing from testing.

Spend the rest of this week to relax, train, and celebrate your new headbands. Have a pleasant evening all of you and it was pleasure teaching you all.

The class cheered and thanked Ranko before leaving, Naruto was one to leave and Sasha wanted to celebrate at home, by making a feast. Naruto said, that he would catch up, he wanted to give something to Ranko first.

When Ranko wondered by Naruto was the last one to leave, she walked up to him, but before she could speak, he wrapped her up in a hug, that she gave him and said softly, "Thank you for giving me a chance. After that he left the classroom, leaving the teacher smiling at to where a young boy who was going to do great things for this village. She walked out of the classroom and locked it, flashing home. However, there was a white-haired chunin that was gritting his teeth.

I guess I just have to get that damn scroll myself. Naruto met with his friends outside the academy and they walked back home, laughing and chatting, just with several pairs of eyes on them. As the three went to celebrate. Ending it! I am ending this chapter, it has been too long since I have updated this story.

I don't intend on abandoning it. The next chapter is about the teams and Sasuke bumps into Naruto, Iruka has a talking to with the Hokage and everyone meets their sensei.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. X-over of Naruto, Is that a Zombie? Now, now no spoilers. Spoilers are lame.. Anyways enjoy! Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies! In the anime, he and Konan are first sent to capture the Six-Tails , which was captured at some earlier point in the manga. They are afterwards sent to Konoha to capture the Nine-Tails , and in the course of the resultant Pain's Assault the village is destroyed. After Nagato's Six Paths of Pain are defeated, Naruto convinces him that a bloodless peace is worth pursing no matter how impossible it may seem.

To make up for all the missteps he took, Nagato gives his life to revive the Konoha villagers that died during his attack, using his last breath to encourage Naruto to achieve the peace that he was never able to. With Yahiko and Nagato gone, Konan opts to leave Akatsuki.

Tobi approached Akatsuki in order to get close to Nagato, whose Rinnegan he needed to complete the Eye of the Moon Plan. Over the years, he remained in the shadows, allowing Nagato to appear to the world as Akatsuki's leader while Obito manipulated him towards his desired ends, specifically capturing all nine tailed beasts so that he can restore the Ten-Tails and use it to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the world, ending all conflict by trapping everyone in a dream.

Obito follows the Eye of the Moon Plan under instructions of the real Madara Uchiha, whose identity Obito assumed after Madara's death. However, this subterfuge was rendered moot by Nagato betraying Obito and using the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to revive everyone he killed during his invasion of Konoha.

Even before Nagato's death, Obito takes a growing role in Akatsuki's activities, due in large part to Itachi Uchiha's death. He reveals himself to Kisame, who worked with him during their time in Kirigakure and is happy to collaborate with him yet again.

He also convinces Sasuke Uchiha and his team, Taka , to join forces with Akatsuki, an alliance that Obito believes is worth the losses of all the other Akatsuki members. When Zetsu shortly afterwards reports Nagato's own death, Obito is deeply agitated by the setbacks, particularity Nagato's betrayal, and increasingly irritated by Naruto's constant thwarting of his plans.

With their ranks so diminished and with the Five Great Shinobi Countries finally starting to mobilise against Akatsuki, both because of the attack on Konoha and the botched capture of Killer B, Obito is forced to start taking drastic actions. Sasuke does not perform as well against the Five Kage as Obito wished, as he had hoped they would be weakened enough to be forced to negotiate.

Instead, he must approach them diplomatically, asking that they help him complete his Eye of the Moon Plan by surrendering the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails. While preparing for war, Obito is approached by Kabuto Yakushi , a former subordinate of Sasori and Orochimaru.

Kabuto offers to bolster Akatsuki's fighting strength with the Impure World Reincarnation , reviving Akatsuki's past members and several other once-notable shinobi. Obito is reluctant until Kabuto blackmails him by reviving the real Madara Uchiha, on whose name Obito has been banking the credibility of his threats against the hidden villages.

Obito is forced to agree. He then goes to Amegakure to take Nagato's Rinnegan, killing Konan in the process. News eventually reaches them of Kisame's death, but Kisame is at least able to send them intel that enables Kabuto to strengthen Obito's White Zetsu Army. In the two days of the war between Akatsuki and the Allied Shinobi Forces , both sides suffer heavy casualties, yet Naruto and Killer B elude capture.

He is defeated by Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke who has since sided against Akatsuki before he can perform the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and as a result Obito stops pursuing the Eye of the Moon Plan. With Obito's surrender, Akatsuki's schemes officially end. Madara perseveres, sealing the Ten-Tails into his body and successfully performing the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Despite the defeat of Akatsuki during the Fourth Shinobi World War and the death and destruction they caused, Akatsuki's methods of peace remain attractive to certain individuals.

About fifteen years after the end of the war, a former test subject of Orochimaru's, Shin , develops a fascination with Itachi and adopts the Uchiha name while plotting to avenge Itachi by killing Sasuke. In addition, Shin goes so far as to adopt Akatsuki's name, believing its former goal of endless warfare is the perfect evolutionary tool, weeding out the weak and promoting strength for all of humanity. He composes Akatsuki with numerous clones of himself and seeks to start moving forward with Akatsuki's revival.

Shin's plans start facing complications as soon as the Seventh Hokage becomes aware of him following an encounter between Sasuke and a clone. Shin uses drastic measures to counter Naruto and Sasuke, such as sending his clones to unsuccessfully kidnap Sasuke's daughter, Sarada Uchiha and forcefully take his wife, Sakura.

Shin is soon afterwards betrayed and killed by his clones, who accordingly surrender and are dropped off at the Konoha Orphanage , ending his new Akatsuki before it ever truly begins. Members of Nagato's Akatsuki wear long, black cloaks with red clouds, a red interior, and a chin-high collar; Tobi and the members of Taka wear a similarly-marked hooded mantle. The red clouds represent the rain of blood that fell in Amegakure during its wars, and were viewed as a symbol of justice by its original members.

Though the robes are a standard feature throughout Nagato's tenure with Konan even continuing to wear it after leaving Akatsuki , the robe falls out of use under Obito's leadership: Kisame stops wearing it owing to circumstances of faking his death, Obito does not replace his when it is destroyed by Konan, and Zetsu ceases using a robe once its two halves begin operating separately. During Shin's attempt to revive the organisation, he is the only individual to wear the robe, as none of his clones wear it.

Another trend started with Nagato is for members to cross out the symbol on their forehead protectors to symbolise the severed ties with their former villages, though some opt not to wear a forehead protector at all. All members also wear nail polish on their fingers and toenails colours vary in the anime.

Under Nagato, each member of Akatsuki is given one of ten rings, to be worn on a specific finger. Other than apparently signifying one's membership, the rings seem to have some role in sealing the tailed beasts into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path , indicating which of the statue's finger the members should stand on. The rings are apparently important and irreplaceable: when Orochimaru defects he takes his ring with him, and for that reason he is never officially replaced; [12] when Deidara loses the arm that his ring is on, he has greater interest in recovering the ring than the arm itself; Zetsu and Tobi specifically seek out Sasori's ring after his death, needing it for Tobi to replace him.

When Tobi takes over, the rings are no longer important, as he simply discards it along with his damaged robe after battling Konan. Despite all this, the rings' exact significance is never explained.

The various rings are: [13]. Eight of the ten kanji of the rings are taken from a kuji-in , a collection of nine hand postures used in meditation. Pain's "rei" and Zetsu's "gai" are not from this kuji-in. It would be a consistent error, however, since the "gai" kanji has been used in every instance the ring's kanji has been shown. Although some pairs get along better than others, few seem to actually like each other; Sha no Sho notes that members always have separate rooms when staying at hotels.

Hostilities tend to exist even between members who aren't partners, though they so rarely meet that this is rarely an actual problem. As childhood friends and fellow members of the original Akatsuki, Nagato and Konan are the only members who consistently get along. Because Nagato is Akatsuki's leader, Konan tends to defer to him, doing as he instructs even when she personally disagrees.

In Nagato's rule of Amegakure , Konan acts as the "angel" to his "god", communicating his will to Ame's villagers. Nagato's true identity is concealed from the rest of the organisation, and instead, the Deva Path is used as his representative. Zetsu is an associate of Tobi who helped him approach Nagato and officially joined Akatsuki seemingly long before Tobi does. Although typically acting as a single individual, Zetsu is made of two separate personalities: White Zetsu and Black Zetsu.

The two sometimes argue, but it never interferes with their duties: spying, evidence disposal, and resource acquisition. Zetsu is often the only member of Akatsuki other than their partners that members meet in person. Orochimaru and Sasori were one of the earlier Akatsuki teams to be formed. Little is known of their deeds, but they apparently were quite effective together. They also got along well enough that Orochimaru knew how Sasori's actual "body" looked beneath his typical Hiruko carapace, although their relationship eventually deteriorated to the point of both of them wanting to change partners.

Sasori held a grudge against Orochimaru after he defected from Akatsuki and took a personal interest in his activities afterwards. The two partners had an unique system of formations in order to better synchronise with each other.

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Naruto headbands in pairs

Naruto headbands in pairs