Texas rope horses-Horses for sale in Texas

Horses For Sale. Last updated Sunday, September 22, Gelding Click for Video and Photos. Gelding 15 hds Sorrel.

Texas rope horses

Texas rope horses

Texas rope horses

Texas rope horses

Elisha Fieldstadt. Height hh She will continue to be used and roped Texas rope horses until sold. Hitman is one cool horse. Nickel is a super eye catching sweet gelding with experience in trails, ranch, and cattle work. Corpus Christi.

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Horses Cartoon whipping Sale: Gentle, Quiet Gelding - Cody High Texas rope horses This gelding is a confidence builder deluxe and an absolute blast to ride out on the town or cruising Sex Stallion. Tedas quick, fast and strong. Link Directory. Dakota is a 10 year old APHA registered, 15 hand bay tobiano gelding. He is a well seasoned multiple event horse. Dragon is one cool horse and will be an asset to a competitive Texas rope horses looking for a proven horse to go win on. Bobby Joe was trained by a top hand and he will have the best of manners and work etiquette. He is an experienced ranch horse, that has gathered cattle and looked after livestock on a southwestern ranch. He not only is beautiful in color but he He makes the same run every trip. Ace is a true all around horse. She is a very gentle and slow pony. Laredo 11 year old dun gelding. Txeas 1.

Runs like a top and use it for a Commuter daily to save money on diesel.

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Horses For Sale. Last updated Sunday, September 22, Gelding Click for Video and Photos. Gelding 15 hds Sorrel. Gelding 15 hds Chestnut. Gelding 16 hds Bay. Gelding 15 hds Perlino. Gelding 15 hds Black. Gelding 15 hds Blue Roan. Bobby Joe is a class act. An absolutley beautiful This classy gelding has been ranched on in the sandhills and will be a top of the line ranch horse. Always dependable and predictable. He is a super nice head horse. The kind lots of folks are looking for.

Bobby Joe was trained by a top hand and he will have the best of manners and work etiquette. He is broke, quiet and smooth to ride. He is solid and finished and very easy to rope on. He remains the same good horse whether we ride him once a week or everyday. Bobby Joe is for sure a top of the line gelding with all the bells and whistles.

Whomever buys Bobby Joe is really going to enjoy him. Buddy is 15 hand stout made sorrel gelding. He is a solid head and heel horse.

He is easy to head on. Runs to the same spot with no duck. He has been heeled on by various level heelers including a senior gentleman tied on. Buddy adjusts to whatever level rider is on him. He is a nice gelding to be around, he stands tied quietly and is easy to shoe and haul.

Buddy won't come with many instructions he's just one of those easy to ride and rope on horses. Silver is a clean made He has a laid back gentle disposition. This gelding has had extensive time riding the pastures. He works the gate, crosses the creek and goes where you point him.

Silver is a quiet head horse that scores flat and has alot of rate. He is patient with lower level ropers, allowing you to brush up on your skills.

If you need to heel some he can do that end as well. An easy to control, easy to get along with gelding just in his prime. Wilson is a 9 year old foundation looking, short, thick bodied gelding that ropes both ends. He is a tough horse that you can use every day and still have plenty of horse when the weekend ropings roll around. He has plenty of run and is strong on the horn. He is quick footed, quick handling and gets to cattle fast. Wilson has been used to sort and gather cattle and is as handy on the ranch as he is in the roping pen.

Good footed, durable and easy to haul. This gelding will work for someone wanting a horse they can practice on all week and haul to the jackpots on the weekends. Digger is an 11 year old finished head and barrel horse. He stands 16 hands, is big boned and built to last.

Digger is a unique horse, he is as gentle as he is big. He has been hauled to many ropings and big jackpots and is easy to win on. Digger has won many awards, cash and is a saddle winner.

He has been ridden all summer by a 4 year old boy and has done some playday events. He is a finished barrel horse who runs a solid pattern placing in the 2D and 3D. Digger has been used for every kind of job imaginable on the ranch. If your looking for a bigger style head horse, one that has proven himself a winner at the ropings, the barrel races, and the playdays, you will look a long time to find one like Digger.

He's senior citizen safe and kid approved. Don't hesitate to call on him, you won't want to miss him. Dusty is a 9 year old 15 hand solid gentle head horse. He has been roped on by adults and kids. He makes the same run every trip. He scores, rates and is easy going. Dusty has been used for everything. Ridden everywhere outside. You can get a job done on him or just cruise around and let the kids enjoy him. He is a kind horse with that meet you at the gate kinda disposition.

Dusty isnt going to take you to the BFI but if you are looking for a safe gentle head horse the whole family can ride he may just fit the bill. We call him Frankie and he is a one of a kind horse.

A very nice 9 year old head horse that is fast across the line. He pins his ears and gets to a steer with lots of natural rate. He is light on your hand and quick on his feet.

He has been hauled and is no stranger to the winners circle. A competitve horse that has been used by both a mid level and an upper level header. Frankie gets noticed everywhere he goes, from his expressive way of working to his unusally handsome looks.

This foundation bred gelding is a true cowhorse, one you can go win on at any roping and then go do any job on the ranch. His bloodlines, his unlimited talent and his one of a kind looks makes him a topic of discussion where ever he goes. An extra nice heel horse. Tracker is very well broke, super gentle and has been used outside alot.

He is safe and easy to ride and rope on. Heeled on by an upper level heeler as well as a mid level senior he is solid and has worked for everyone. A classy looking Its for sure he is bred to be a cow horse.

Tracker is one of those well sought after family friendly horses. He stands tied quietly, is easy to shoe, bath and groom and is a pleasure to be around. When not in the roping pen he is a fun horse to just go ride. No instructions needed with this gelding, buy him and go enjoy him. Rusty is a ten year old, 15 hand sorrel geldling. He is an experienced ranch horse, that has gathered cattle and looked after livestock on a southwestern ranch. He opens gates, will drag calves to the fire and isnt afraid of a days work.

Rusty will cruise thru the cowboy obstacle course. He will climb the hills, cross bridges and water and go thru the tunnels. He has been around traffic, dogs, ATV's and everything else on the ranch. He has been on some pack and camping trips. Rusty is an all around ranch horse that is good to shoe, and easy to load and haul. This is an amazing horse. We purchased him for our son a couple of years ago to compete on.

Our son is now in college. Howdy is big and powerful, and everything you would expect in a high end horse. He is a well seasoned multiple event horse. A finished head, heel, breakaway and tie down calf horse. He is a well known horse and a proven winner at every level.

This is Astrid she is a 7 year old Quiet in the box, rates well Ridden in Drill Team and parades. This quick and catty little dude had 10 months of cutting training as a 2yo. Broke his Two 2 year old year

Texas rope horses

Texas rope horses

Texas rope horses

Texas rope horses. Super Gentle Grey Ranch Horse

Has bee.. Pebbles handles great. Very well mannered and gentle. I can stand up in h.. Guaranteed gentle for anyone. Great babysitter for any small child. This guy is loaded with names. Great for any number roper.

Gentle, sound, no vices. Would be ok for Lone.. He moves smooth as a cat and is pleasant to look at. He is She is bred to work cattle at high levels and will be a working Her conformation has always been extremely good. She ought to work cattle She is correct in her Athletic and inquisitive. He has had his yearling groundwork, round penning,lounging, He is She has been a one owner horse all her life and has the Quiet in the box, rates well Been with a professional trainer his whole life.

Has NRHA competition license He stands 15 hands and will Link Directory. Recent Classifieds. Post a Classified.

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Clay Logan grew up in a ranching family gathering wild cattle out in Arizona. He spent plenty of time with his father roping and learning the basics of horse care and ranch management. Clay later moved to Texas and began working with some of the leading cutting horse trainers when he met and married Colleen Murphy.

Clay and Colleen collaborated and thus began Logan Performance Horses. They built their facility and home in Granbury, TX. Since , Clay has worked with young cutting horse rejects to develop their potential to excel as a quality team roping horses. Several of his amateurs have finished impressively at the world show too.. Email: claylogan yahoo. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Who is Clay? We will get back to you as soon as we can! Granbury, Texas Email: claylogan yahoo.

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Texas rope horses