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When Riley Benado went to her gynecologist with abdominal pain and a protruding belly last week, the doctor's first guess was that the year-old was pregnant — and apparently lying about being a virgin. As news of her misdiagnosis has swept social media in the last few days, the teen has unexpectedly found herself making headline news. According to her blog, Rally for Riley , the teen underwent surgery to remove any infected organs September 26, just three days after she received the diagnosis. Before the operation, Riley blogged that she was both scared and heartbroken. Because this is so rare for someone at such a young age, I hope that others can become aware of Ovarian Cancer after reading about my story.

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Douglass Properties offers a wide variety of apartment community options to meet your lifestyle. Whether you are value-conscious or luxury minded, Douglass Properties has the perfect home waiting for you. We take great pride in our properties and our customer service. Our company is committed to offering high-quality apartment living along with a knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff. With properties spanning the Spokane area, we are sure you will find an apartment home with us where you can enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

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Sore testicles and lower back pain. Are you a Doctor, Pharmacist, PA or a Nurse?

See how a disc degenerates and how it can cause pain and other symptoms. Hi I was wondering if anyone else has had or knows about this? I have very severe lower back pain when standing and also when sitting. I will struggle to get up from a prone position, with large amount of pain especially from my lower right hand side. Since having this back pain I've started to feel and ache in my right testicle, Is this linked?

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Why might that be? Women who fart while being penetrated will probably do so because of pressure on her anus or her stomach. However some women will find themselves farting during sex because the penis inside her vagina is putting pressure on her sphincter or stimulating her anus. Some couples prefer to ignore the fart and carry on like nothing happened, a perfectly reasonable attitude. Others find that giggling about it, naming the elephant in the room and then moving on is the better plan.

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Water temperature can dictate how and when you feed your fish. Careful consideration should be given to the condition of the environment as well as the activity level of your pets. Also consider your own knowledge and experience with your fish! At higher water temperatures koi can lose their appetite. Feed smaller amounts of an easily digested food if your fish are in good condition.