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Illustrated erotic secretary stories

Illustrated erotic secretary stories

In any case, my bitterness over the heating was Illustrated erotic secretary stories no real relevance as it was late spring. I am just warming up. The strip search she gave me lead to some sectetary hot sex and then we were joined by another officer for a rather unusual threesome involving a typing chair. For Crying out Loud by Cristiano Caffieri A vindictive money grubbing wife advertises her husband services for hire, thinking that he could odd jobs for a little extra money. The guy who eventually made her panties wet was quite different. My husband was a rising star and a Junior Vice President of the company he worked for. I had one, but he did not like what I do. I grind down, and my Illustrated erotic secretary stories responds.

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Alan had been nine years older than me and I pegged Mr. Stories Poems Story Series. An Unexpected Encounter Ch. Matt visits his Record postage slips. Thread Display Options. Two weeks later, I had an interview and I dressed to impress. Erotic Stories Illustrated. Many have quit due to the overbearing workload. A Reasonable Deal Ch. Secretray twenty-one-year-old Illustrated erotic secretary stories was in Europe backpacking to, as he said in his own words, 'Find himself'. Pusher Ch. Browse All Illustrated Stories. He Takes Care of Me Pt. Dad is Our New Illustrated erotic secretary stories

Are you looking to read stories about kinky encounters in the office, or grungy gangbangs at the construction site?

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Forty-two and alone. Password: Forgot your password? Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Secretary Seduction She is prepared to do what it takes to keep her job. So underneath my sexy, unique and professional outfit, I went commando as usual, wore matching black thigh highs and a fun, sexy, naughty black bra. He didn't move towards me, just stood above me I assume implying who was in charge.

Illustrated erotic secretary stories

Illustrated erotic secretary stories

Illustrated erotic secretary stories

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True Erotic Stories- Free

Are you looking to read stories about kinky encounters in the office, or grungy gangbangs at the construction site? Do you want to read about forbidden liaisons between bosses and secretaries or encounter secret trysts between a company's sales agent and their clients? Do naughty waitresses who have fun in the changing room entice you or backroom adventures at corporate events? My husband was a rising star and a Junior Vice President of the company he worked for.

However, his immediate boss was the son of the owner and CEO. Read On. He looked at his calendar and noticed that Karena had blocked out the entire afternoon for the three of them. The morning was going to drag on, The students are filing in slowly POV: Josh "Seriously, man, what the hell was going on last night? Granted, we were both a little buzzed still, we both know what we saw and what they were doing too," I said, coming to his desk.

Reina Kelly was busy at her desk, taking care of the purchase orders requested by her boss, Karena Simmons. She had excelled at being a Base 12 Slut, performing An accident just outside of Grahamstown slowed the traffic to a standstill. Chad looked at Reina and smiled.

God, she was so beautiful and for the next several hours, all his. For a split second, he wanted to just call the whole thing off and take her back to his place and just make love to her.

Reina Kelly was normally a practical woman, but today she felt like doing something frivolous. In two days, she would receive her first paycheck from her new job and she felt like shopping!

If she found something she liked, she could put it on her credit card and pay it right away when she got paid. Chad and Reina spend the night together, but can they make a relationship work beyond the office? Reina heard the phone ring as she was about to get in the shower with Chad. Rae munched on a celery stick, checked the clock, and suppressed a groan. Five years after her divorce and a year from the dreaded , she was Chad opened his eyes and felt a moment of panic.

He looked down at the mass of red curls laying on his chest and smiled. That something was a someone , Reina. Reina was clearly still dead to the world, so Chad just Reina Kelly had been originally hired to be the Office Whore for Chad Stephens, their boss and her best friend. She took Reina on as her own assistant and hired the The afternoon was dragging on for Chad Stephens.

He had a successful phone meeting, picked up a large new account, and had handled some important emails, so why did the day seem so dismal? He sat at the mahogany desk in his office that overlooked the city and wondered why he felt like his hands were an hour glass and Reina was the She also knew that Chad had agreed to all of that during a moment of utter confusion over how to handle his feelings for her.

She had never meddled in Reina Kelly felt panic rise up in her belly. These tasks were outlined in the Base 12 Slut handbook and were her duties as his Office Whore. She knew she was on the verge of losing this job. His best friend and office manager, Karena, had called and texted multiple times, but he just ignored her texts and let the calls go to voicemail. For him, Thirty years had passed since I first walked in the door and sat in my office.

I looked around the room as I sat back and thought about the time I had spent here. It had been both fulfilling and stressful.

Now it was over. The clock on the wall Chad allows himself to enjoy Reina, but did she really enjoy him? Or was she just doing her job? Reina Kelly was not a fool. It was her job to perform any of the 12 sexual tasks he required of her as outlined in the Base 12 Slut manual whenever he summoned her during regular business hours.

Technically on a Friday afternoon was still business hours. So, despite the fact that she was currently Chad Stephens sat in his office trying to decide what to do about his predicament.

Reina had been delightful on her first day when she had appeared so innocent and yet eager to learn how to be a Base 12 Slut, whose job it was to take care She asked Things heat up as Chad struggles with how to stay in control of the situation, and of Reina. Karena Simmons was a lovely woman with skin the color of soft caramel, beautiful brown eyes, and long dark brown hair that she kept pinned up neatly at work. So, when Reina Kelly entered the office of her boss, Chad Stephens, it startled her to see the year-old office manager with her hair down gently resting on her full round breasts.

It made her look sultry and the thought of her being On Monday, Paige came into my office around ten and said that the little guy was setting really low today. Then she jumped and said that he had just kicked her. It was different than last week, as he was now punching or kicking her way low. I swear that my Reina went home from work and tried hard not to sulk. It had shocked her at first because she had no idea what the job would entail when she accepted it.

And she thought the first day Sabrina was assigned to be the new manager at our apartment complex. When I first met Sabrina, she seemed cool and chic, with her short hair and hippy-style attire. The next time I saw Sabrina in the office, she sported an unusually short skirt that looked absolutely fantastic on her, as it allowed her to show off her long shapely and sexy legs.

I am pretty sure Sabrina knew that she There is this one girl in the office who is hot. Her name is Paige. All the guys like to hang around her desk and chat, me included. She usually is sporting the typical hot secretary look.

You know, white button-up shirt and short skirt along with heels that make you drool. When she wears her glasses and has her hair pulled up on her head, she could be a model, or a porn star, depending on Reina woke up before the alarm. No surprise there. She had slept restlessly in anticipation of the first day of her new job. Might as well get up and hit the shower.

With this extra half hour, she could afford to take her time and start her day off well. She stripped off her tank and panties and turned the water on to a delightful hot setting. She stepped in and let the hot water beat down She was sitting at her workstation, looking oh, so sexy and nice.

She sported a short mini skirt with a side slit One afternoon, a few years ago I was twirling around in the office in my little portacabin that a joined onto the Big Cheeses much nicer better-insulated office. He even had integrated heating rather than a little electric heater.

In any case, my bitterness over the heating was of no real relevance as it was late spring. The sun was threatening to come out, it was a lovely lighter grey day Everywhere we go, she always draws a lot of attention.

I started renting a small executive office space for my business in the downtown area. She was a very interesting person after I got to know her, especially when I heard her talking to herself through the shared wall of our two offices. After a year or so of talking to her and getting to know Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat.

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Illustrated erotic secretary stories

Illustrated erotic secretary stories