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I said I was thinking of getting one Selling the Legend as he's just taken delivery of his brand new company car, a red Lexus RC? I'll let you know what it's all about, driving, comfort etc when I get to experience it I will be interested in your reaction to this car which I have always considered a possible alternative to the Lexus. The only negative reports on the Legend has been a noisy 'crashy' front suspension but I never drove one to find out for myself.

Ls models forums lexus legacy

Ls models forums lexus legacy

Ls models forums lexus legacy

Ls models forums lexus legacy

The rest, as Flexi babes say, is history. That is about the ugliest car I have ever seen. Older LS parts. You've just bought one of the best cars on the planet at ANY costso feel good about your purchase -- congrats!!! Likes: 6. I'd doubt they'd trade a "sure buy" now for a potential MSRP buy later. I owned 3 Cadillac vehicles Ls models forums lexus legacy the X era with this feature and can't recall fkrums surprises from their installation. I shudder to think what might happen if the 8-speed transmission has problems. Sights N Sounds post all of your video and sound clips here.

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Team One insists "Lexus" is a legal-trouble-saving vowel swap from their originally chosen name "Lexis", and not an acronym. Messages 81 Reaction score Every Lexus has gotten heavier and safer. MichaelL Ls models forums lexus legacy. FR layout. Search titles only. Messages 82 Reaction score Messages Reaction score I'm getting increasingly concerned with rumors that point to the IS not growing in size. Messages 2, Reaction score 2, But I think that would have to be further modified. It should be very clear to Lexus at this moment that everyone is abandoning the 'intermediate grade six cylinder' previously occupied by the IS, i, and the likes. RAL said:. Calling the possibility of an IS coupe and convertible sitting alongside RC a "bold move" is a very politically correct way to describe it. The IS has been a huge hit Young asian actors I'm sure the natural upgrades the next generation will get will work well.

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  • While Lexus has been busy preparing for the upcoming LC and LC h, Toyota is still desperately fighting to push a new sports, or maybe even supercar, past its accountants.
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Forgot Password? Mark Forums Read. Used Cars. Vendor Directory. Thread Tools. Likes: 2. Received 17 Likes on 14 Posts. Just looked at the pics of the new ES. It looks nice, but the exterior looks too much like our cars I liked that the outgoing ES had looks that differentiated it from our GS. Oh well. View Public Profile. View iTrader Profile. Likes: 3. Received 15 Likes on 12 Posts. Sign of things to come Likes: Received Likes on Posts. So this will be the E Class and 5 Series fighter?

Better have the performance to back up that look and FWD ain't gonna cut it. Visit ItzFilyO's homepage! This is no way a GS replacement, just look at those tiny front brakes! But it does look like a mini LS. Likes: 6. Received 24 Likes on 22 Posts. I especially like the side profile, except how long that nose is Yea why is that nose so long? It's going to scrape everywhere. Originally Posted by ItzFilyO.

The following users liked this post:. Likes: 1. Received 5 Likes on 4 Posts. Too much Camry DNA in the exterior I don't see much E-class, 5-series fighter, here. For me, the LS looks to have been the platform to carry on the 4-gen GS legacy. Originally Posted by zicogold.

The LS does look pretty awesome to me, and I have seen some good reviews. I am not saying that the ES looks bad, I actually think it looks good. Originally Posted by eddie The GS on the other hand took off like a rocket. Hard to compare a quick V6 and a heavy V8. Nice cars but different tastes. Same 3. It's not a problem if they continued with a new GS, but if they are thinking that's enough to take over the reigns of the GS, they've really got to look over their homework again.

Hybrid with a CVT. Yes that'll smoke the Germans. Received 51 Likes on 45 Posts. The nose is an acquired taste, but the rest of the car looks like a sportier Camry. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Advanced Search. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Quick Reply: ES looks like our cars :. The following errors occurred with your submission.

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Log in. Oh wait MichaelL said:. Messages 47 Reaction score What's next for the sports sedan? First Prev 20 of 26 Go to page. The IS has been a huge hit and I'm sure the natural upgrades the next generation will get will work well.

Ls models forums lexus legacy

Ls models forums lexus legacy. Toyota’s Chief Engineer Pushing to Build New Supra


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Where the Benz is old money, maybe the Lexus is a dot-com. For , Lexus has given us a new flagship sedan, the LS The look might go with the rest of the Lexus lineup, but the chassis is all new.

The new LS is powered by a twin-turbo, 3. All of that is sent through a speed automatic transmission. Funny how the LS design has aged over the years. I used to think that the 1st and 2nd generations were boring. I still do, but it was a handsome design, and I'd certainly rock it.

The 3rd generation was too boring and Camry like. I think it will age well. This one, I don't think that it will age well at all. Toyota has a hp twin turbo V6 and no real sports car? I'm no product development guy, but I see an opportunity The front of that car seriously looks photoshopped. Like a fear n loathing in Las Vegas distortion.

They did that on purpose? Japanese cars always look like their first thing they need are some 1" drop lowering springs As usual, I find the "it's ugly" crowd faintly ridiculous.

Clearly many very-well-heeled individuals disagree. And anyway, that's got nothing to do with the driving experience. In all seriousness though, I doubt anyone questions that this is an excellent car in terms of everything non-style related. But it's not a stretch to say that Lexus could make an attractive car that is just as good in every functional way. And let's not act as if everyone buys cars based on appearance, well-heeled or not.

Hell, I drive a WRX. Doesn't mean I can't say it's ugly It's just that "Lexus grilles are ugly and look like the Predator" is right up there with "Miatas are for gay hairdressers". It's old and tired and coveys absolutely zero useful information. As for me, I think the general lines of the car, the giant scoops aside the grille, and the wheel gap are ugly, independent of the grille itself.

At least those of us posting here are members of this forum It's like a committee of Predators got together and designed the car's exterior by group-think. What's going on with that hump over the front wheels? Is that supposed to be an homage to the Javelin? Why is a Z-shape oozing out of the headlight? Even the mirrors got weirdo housings. The styling seems like so much busy nonsense to me. Hey, maybe I'm wrong. Did the LS cars always look insane?

To be fair, that is a bad photo of a sub-optimal spec with the air suspension in "comfort access" mode. Nope Nope and Nope. That is about the ugliest car I have ever seen.

I have always thought that it was probably a fantastic looking car before the pinching accident. I am betting it looked a lot like an Audi. Just better. Looks like a bigger GS instead of a car with a different mission. My personal lala-land view of the GS is that it's a luxurious car for people who still want some swagger from it, and the LS is a luxury car for people who seek to be coddled and aren't afraid for the world to know it. You'll need to log in to post. Log in. Login Digital Edition Buy a Subscription.

David S. Read the rest of the story. Saw the pic on the side of the forum, came here to say exactly the same thing. That's disgusting. I think it's interesting and unique looking. Would rock. I don't like it. I don't think it is ugly, but it isn't good looking either. Kreb said: It's just that "Lexus grilles are ugly and look like the Predator" is right up there with "Miatas are for gay hairdressers".

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Ls models forums lexus legacy