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And breastfeeding offers lots of benefits for both you and your baby — giving both of you a head-start on a healthy future. To raise your breastfeeding IQ before you start nursing, take this mini-course in breastfeeding basics. In the beginning, it might take quite a few tries to get your baby into the right position — but keep trying. Is baby having trouble properly latching on? Break the suction carefully by gently inserting a clean finger into the corner of her mouth or by pressing on your breast near the mouth.

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She actually won the hit reality show after the star of the show, Flavor Flav, picked her over Tiffany Pollard. The world was on the edge of their seats as it was down to Deelishis and Tiffany, because Tiffany was runner up on the first season of Flavor of Love, but came in second on that one as well. Deelishis was featured on the show as sexy, curvy, and willing to go after what she wanted. She reportedly wanted a real relationship and future with Flavor Flav, but the two split pretty soon after the end of the second season. There are mixed stories as to why the couple split up, him saying she left him to start a clothes company, her saying he left her for an opportunity to star in season 3 of Flavor of Love.

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From the first episode of the original Dragon Ball , Goku and Bulma have been true partners-in-crime. Though the introduction of several new characters has caused their relationship to fall to the background in favor of plot, there have still been moments in the later series that remind us of their connection. Below is a list of 5 reasons why Bulma might have made a better partner for Goku, as well as 5 reasons why things are fine just the way they are. With all that Goku was doing to risk his life and the lives of those around him, God knows he could have used a little of that stability, even if Bulma was pretty adventurous herself. Even as kids leading up to the tournament where Chi-Chi famously popped the question, the two had a connection even if they didn't run into each other all that often.