How to Save Money on Printer Ink

Do you feel like you’re spending more money than you should be spending on your printer? It’s not because you need more printer ink, it’s because you actually don’t need to buy as much anymore.

According to information provided by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of Las Vegas, the sales of electronic printers will rise 8.3% from 2009 sales. Things like the printer repair shop that used to make you run to the store and buy your cartridges every week are less and less.

Many consumers are cutting back their printing needs to shops that will fix and refill their own ink at home. The idea of paying a few dollars for ink seems like something they’ve already been doing all along.

Purchasing ink can be a big reason to lose a ton of money, but why? Let’s look at a few reasons this might happen:

  1. You don’t always know how many pages your ink cartridges can print.

Though it’s recommended to use “grade” ink, such as the HP Q7551X which is designed for letter-size printing, you can be wrong. You can be sure that you can print enough pages with a different ink if you know how many pages your specific ink can print. For example, the ink for an A4 printer can print 400 pages, but if you only print 40 pages a month, you may only be printing 300 pages with this ink. Make sure that you buy replacement ink to fix these mistakes, and then don’t throw away the rest.

  1. Chances are your ink cartridges are old.

If you notice that your printer warranty or replacement trend has an expiry date, chances are that your ink cartridges are old. This is because manufacturers make the cartridges for a long time. As such, the expiry dates are put in place to ensure that manufacturers won’t intentionally put less expensive cartridges on the market so that they appear to be cheaper. Because manufacturers often update their cartridges, you may find that you have to buy old compatible cartridges.

One option to deal with this issue is to look for a retailer that will buy from manufacturers who are aware of the expiry dates. Another option is to look for a retailer that sells pre- expired ink cartridges. These cartridges are usually just as good as the ones that are used and are usually just as inexpensive.

  1. Chances are you use cartridge ink that’s not compatible with your printer.

Another thing to watch for is compatibility. Because of the variety of brands and models of printers, there are many types of ink, and ink that won’t work right on your model. If the instructions in the box are vague, or if you have a brand you’ve never heard of, you might not be able to find cartridge ink that will work with your equipment. If you do a little research, however, you can often find compatible ink.

  1. Chances are you won’t be able to find the right replacement cartridges.

As I said above, sometimes the right replacements are hard to find. You don’t want to spend money on a cartridge that’s not going to work on your printer, and you definitely don’t want to buy a generic replacement when you can find discounted compatible cartridges.

You can buy ink online and save money, but you can also choose to buy your ink at a discount and either send your Ink away or give it to a friend. Either way will work well.

Another idea is to recycle your old cartridges. Some companies will throw out high-tertiary cartridges instead of disposing of them, and some parts from old printers will be usable in other equipment. If you recycle your cartridges, you can sometimes make money for your efforts, or at least find a used printer you’re entertaining rather than trashing.

Start a blog about your experiences with ink cartridges, and remember that it’s not just toner that you’re going to want to replace, but the box that it’s stored in too. Remember that if the plastic isn’t damaged or scratched, you can still recycle it and use it for another project. Make them work for you.

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