Destruction celebrities-Miley Cyrus, Neil Young, Gerard Butler among those to lose homes in California wildfires - CNN

These are external links and will open in a new window. Gerard Butler and Miley Cyrus are among the celebrities whose homes have been destroyed by the deadly wildfires in California. Other stars including Kim Kardashian-West and Lady Gaga evacuated their homes over the weekend while sharing updates with fans on social media. The singer and actress tweeted on Sunday that she and fiance Liam Hemsworth "made it out" of the fire safely. Cyrus also urged fans to donate money, time and supplies, and tweeted a list of charities and foundations working to support others affected by the disaster.

Destruction celebrities

Destruction celebrities

Destruction celebrities

A Destruction celebrities delebrities as Positions butts Camp Fire Destruction celebrities through Paradise. Kardashian later posted that the fire had stopped short of her hillside home and said she and cekebrities family planned to donate to the California Fire Foundation. My children are safe. A satellite image from November 10 shows vegetation that was burned as a result of the Destruction celebrities Fire. Those fantasies are promoted by the entertainment world in which she lived and died, and which positively lionises and encourages the self-destructive behaviour that brings in such handsome rewards.

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By Melanie Phillips for the Daily Mail.

  • History: American History.
  • October 22,
  • When stars finally reach their goal and when they finally get the spotlight, every single one of them has to work hard to stay famous.

By Melanie Phillips for the Daily Mail. Updated: BST, 25 July Self-destruction: While Amy Winehouse's death at such a young age is deeply sad, it is hardly a surprise given her addiction to her lifestyle. What a deeply sad waste of a young and talented life. The sudden death of the singer Amy Winehouse, whose body was found at the weekend at her London home, has appalled even those who know little of her music.

The singer had battled drug and alcohol addiction for years, and while the cause of her death has initially been put down to drink, there are reports she bought drugs the night before she died. Such a death is inevitably shocking. Yet it could hardly be said to have been a surprise since she was so clearly hooked into a spiral of self-destruction. Indeed, three years ago her mother, Janis, said she was watching her daughter slowly kill herself.

But she didn't care. And at the age of 27, this lost soul finally succumbed. It's a tragedy for her parents and family, who were forced to watch her disintegration.

But it's also a tragedy with far wider implications. It is always awful to see a young life cut short for whatever reason.

But to see it wilfully destroyed is far worse. And to see such talent squandered and degraded is worse still. Unlike other celebrities living debauched lives, her relentless self-destruction was especially painful to watch because she appeared to be so very vulnerable. The prodigy whose early album pictures show a plump and cheery girl distressingly degenerated into a thin, nervy waif who was locked into some private hell.

Her fate serves as a terrible warning about the vicious cycle of drug-taking and alcohol. For these progressively enslave and destroy an individual's personality so that it becomes increasingly difficult to break free. And the damage done by drugs to the brain and body - some of it untreatable - kicks in at a fraction of the intake required to achieve the same level of damage by alcohol.

The singer went through a process of 'cold turkey' to get her off drugs - but she turned instead to alcohol and the whole sorry process of disintegration inexorably continued. True, she herself chose the louche lifestyle that eventually claimed her life.

But many others were complicit. The man she married, Blake Fielder-Civil, reportedly first introduced her to hard drugs.

And drug-taking is commonplace in the celebrity circles in which she moved. For the fame of Amy Winehouse did not rest solely upon the quality of her voice.

Her public appeal also lay in the very lifestyle that has now killed her. The soap opera of her deeply dysfunctional life boosted her appeal and commercial value. Indeed, this is openly acknowledged. At the weekend, commentator India Knight wrote after telling us all how devastated she was by the singer's death : 'And I loved that she was a bad girl with bad appetites: a breed that, with her passing, heads further into extinction.

Even given this particular consequence of a 'bad appetite' for drugs and alcohol - a wholly avoidable and tragic death over which she says she weeps - Ms Knight appears actually to regret that there is now one person fewer to behave in this way. Amy Winehouse was described elsewhere as a 'poster child for drug addiction'. But, for some people, self-destruction has its own fascination and glamour.

They shared vicariously in her torment, lapping up news of her latest excesses - assuming, in the fantasy world they appear to inhabit, that she would eventually vanquish her demons. Those fantasies are promoted by the entertainment world in which she lived and died, and which positively lionises and encourages the self-destructive behaviour that brings in such handsome rewards. Barely a ripple: The criminal behaviour of Pete Doherty and the drugs shame of Kate Moss appear to have little or no affect on their careers.

Much of the marketing of such stars cynically milks the appeal of the 'wild child' and the prurient fascination of the public with celebrity lives careering out of control. Indeed, the music and fashion industries appear to regard their excesses with unlimited indulgence - as long as nothing stops them raking in the profits. Some six years ago, the supermodel Kate Moss was caught on camera apparently inhaling cocaine. Her disgrace, however, was merely a temporary blip.

After losing many of her modelling contracts and a brief spell in rehab, she was soon in as much demand as ever. But far worse, she is now the face of a new lipstick for Dior named - astoundingly - 'Dior Addict'.

So it would seem that Dior is explicitly using Ms Moss's own history of cocaine addiction as a way of boosting the commercial appeal of its lipstick. Just how cynical and irresponsible is this? Nor is the fashion and entertainment world alone in winking at substance abuse. Earlier this month, the singer Pete Doherty was allowed home under curfew just six weeks into a six-month sentence for cocaine possession.

It was his third spell in jail, and the judge who sentenced him remarked on his 'appalling record', which includes at least 13 previous court appearances.

Alcohol abuse is out of control through the imbecilic Labour policy of allowing pubs to open all night. Deregulated: The culture of 24 hour drinking introduced under Labour is seemingly intent on turned an entire generation to alcoholism stock picture.

And drug-taking has been tacitly encouraged by the Great And Not-So-Good, those well-heeled but grossly irresponsible committee clones who have decided that illegal drugs are not as damaging to society as the laws that keep them illegal - and who have accordingly helped present drug-takers as romantic rebels against the system.

People like me have warned for years about the consequences of all this sloppy thinking. But such warnings have been brushed aside by a society that has decided to inhabit a never-never land where evidence, morality and common sense are denied. With the sad and sordid death of Amy Winehouse, the fantasy now lies shattered. Here instead was the ghastly reality - which goes way beyond the selfdestruction of one young singer.

How many ordinary lives have been shattered, after all, because of the addictive example set by such celebrities and the massive influence they wield as style and fashion icons over the impressionable young? With Britain awash in drugs and alcohol and with the resulting breakdown in order, the sad fate of Amy Winehouse should indeed make us weep - both for her, and for what it tells us about modern Britain. The PM'S acted over online porn. Share or comment on this article: Amy Winehouse dead: A life lost and a celebrity culture that worships self-destruction.

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Destruction celebrities

Destruction celebrities

Destruction celebrities

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CNN The deadly wildfires ripping through California have forced hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate, including some celebrities whose homes have been lost to the blazes. Returned to my house in Malibu after evacuating. Heartbreaking time across California. Inspired as ever by the courage, spirit and sacrifice of firefighters. Thank you LAFD. Completely devestated by the fires affecting my community. I am one of the lucky ones. I am grateful for. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger.

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Malibu, celebrities threatened by wildfire Here's how you can help those affected by the California wildfires.

Neil Young, Robin Thicke , Gerard Butler and Miley Cyrus are among those whose houses were ravaged by the Woolsey fire raging north of Los Angeles in Southern California, according to the entertainers' respective online posts.

Butler posted a photo on Twitter of the charred remains of his Malibu home and thanked firefighters for their courage. Cyrus said on Twitter that she was "completely devastated" by the fires affecting her community.

I am grateful for all I have left. Sending so much love and gratitude to the firefighters and LA country Sheriff's department! A subsequent tweet pointed to ways people could help those affected by the fires. In a post on his official website decrying the impact of climate change, Young said "I have lost my home before to a California wildfire, now another. The Woolsey fire is one of three major blazes burning across California.

Together with the smaller Hill fire, which spans 4, acres, the Woolsey fire has so far destroyed structures, but fire officials say another 57, are threatened. That blaze virtually burned the town of Paradise to the ground, destroying thousands of homes and structures. Some people are unaccounted for. At least 31 people have died in the fires: 29 in the Camp fire and two in the Woolsey fire. Jerry Brown said of the role of climate change in driving the fires. Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby echoed Brown's sentiments, noting how widespread the fire destruction has been across the state.

Why the California wildfires are spreading so quickly. The southern part of the state used to be able to rely on help from their counterparts up north around this time of the year, Osby said, when the threat of fire was much less prevalent in those communities. But that's no longer the case. Unfavorable conditions are expected to persist into Monday, threatening new flare-ups that could reach beyond containment lines, Osby said.

Though the state's drought has eased slightly, it's still abnormally dry, according to CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward. That leaves a lot of dry vegetation to feed fires. Osby urged those in mandatory evacuation zones to leave, warning that they can get in the way of firefighting efforts.

Photos: In pictures: Wildfires tear across California. Jacob Saylors, 11, walks through the burned remains of his home in Paradise, California, on Sunday, November His family lost a home in the same spot to a fire 10 years earlier.

Hide Caption. Lidia Steineman, who lost her home in the Camp Fire, prays during a vigil for fire victims on November 18 in Chico, California. From left, California Gov.

A child wears a smoke mask while watching President Trump''s motorcade in Chico on November Fire evacuees sift through donated items in a Chico parking lot November A firefighter searches for human remains on Friday, November 16, in a Paradise trailer park destroyed in the Camp Fire. The camp became a temporary respite for people displaced by the Camp Fire.

A burned neighborhood is seen on Thursday, November 15, in Paradise, California. Rescue workers sift through rubble in search of human remains on Wednesday, November 14, at a burned property in Paradise. Evacuee Denise Chester hugs her son, Antonio Batres, as she volunteers her time sorting clothes on November 14 at a makeshift shelter in Chico. Chester, who didn't want to know yet whether her home survived, said: "I want to help. I don't want to shut down. Tape outlines the location where sheriff's deputies on November 14 recovered the body of a Camp Fire victim.

Magalia resident Luis Badres and his family left his home because of the Camp Fire. They were living in a tent on Tuesday, November 13, in the parking lot of a Chico Walmart.

A long line of residents seeking to return to Malibu wait at a checkpoint on November 13 on Pacific Coast Highway after Woolsey Fire evacuation orders were lifted for the eastern portion of the city. Roger Kelton wipes away tears on November 13 while searching through the remains of his mother-in-law's home in Agoura Hills. It was destroyed by the Woolsey Fire. A melted fence runs along a hillside as firefighters battle the Woolsey Fire in Agoura Hills on November Firefighters search through the remains of a Paradise house on November Smoke fills the horizon on November 13 as an airplane flies near a flare-up of the Woolsey Fire near Lake Sherwood.

A fire truck drives through part of Paradise on November Firefighters put out hot spots in Paradise on November Joseph Grado and his wife, Susan, embrace at a shelter in Chico on November The Camp Fire destroyed their home. A firefighter battles a fire in Simi Valley on November A plane drops fire retardant on the Woolsey Fire near Malibu on November Betsy Ann Cowley walks through Pulga, near where investigators were trying to determine the cause of the Camp Fire.

A resident sprays down a roof as firefighters battle the Peak Fire in Simi Valley. Shawn Slack carries a chainsaw on November 12 after trees burned in Paradise.

Chris and Nancy Brown embrace while looking over the remains of their home on November Firefighters put out hot spots in Thousand Oaks on November Firefighters battle a fire in Simi Valley on November A ferry makes its way toward Alcatraz Island on November 12 as the San Francisco skyline is obscured by smoke that drifted over from the Camp Fire. A vehicle drives through smoke near Pulga on Sunday, November Firefighters battle the Woolsey Fire in Malibu on November A helicopter drops water while battling the Camp Fire near Pulga on November A bag containing human remains lies on the ground on November 11 as officials continue to search for victims at a burned-out home in Paradise.

Cathy Fallon, who stayed behind in Paradise to tend to her horses during the Camp Fire, embraces Shawna De Long, left, and April Smith, right, who brought supplies for the horses. Firefighters douse embers off a canyon road that cuts across the mountains to Malibu. A plane drops fire retardant on a burning hillside in Malibu on November Firefighters battle a blaze in Malibu on Saturday, November A woman runs in Calabasas as firefighters work to control a flare-up from the Woolsey Fire on November Sheriff's deputies carry a body bag with a Camp Fire victim on November Scorched hillsides and damaged power lines are seen on November 10 along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

Araya Cipollini cries November 10 near the remains of her family's home in Paradise. A deer looks on from a burned residence in Paradise on November Eric England searches through a friend's vehicle in Paradise on November Sheriff's deputies walk November 10 through a neighborhood destroyed by the Camp Fire. A satellite image from November 10 shows vegetation that was burned as a result of the Woolsey Fire.

Firefighters meet in Paradise on November Malibu Mayor Rick Mullen, who is also a firefighter, surveys a house engulfed in flames on Friday, November 9. A massive smoke plume, powered by strong winds, rises above the Woolsey Fire in Malibu on November 9.

Cathy Fallon stands near the charred remains of her Paradise home on November 9. The Camp Fire has wiped out much of the town north of Sacramento. A firefighter sprays down palm trees as the Woolsey Fire burns in Malibu on November 9. Llamas are tied to a lifeguard stand on a Malibu beach on November 9.

Smoke is seen over the Pacific in this photo taken from a helicopter over Malibu on November 9. A woman in Malibu reacts to devastation on November 9. A row of palm trees stands as the Woolsey Fire continues to burn in Malibu on November 9. The Woolsey Fire burns in Malibu on November 9. The community is known for celebrity beachside homes.

Doug Thomas and his dog Hanna rest November 9 while they await word if they can return to their Malibu Lake home.

Destruction celebrities

Destruction celebrities