Solo illidan private server-On what level I can solo Black Temple?

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Solo illidan private server

Solo illidan private server

Solo illidan private server

Solo illidan private server

I know how to play a dk, but I die on Illidan Thomas Cook collapse: "We found out today, there was no communication about it," says traveller. Referral Program How to appeal your ban? Replies: 6 Last IllidaAM. For instructions on Solo illidan private server to our 3. Board index All times are UTC. I would say that if you do 1k hits normally at level 72, you will Solo illidan private server doing 10k hits in TBC raids, and this increases Just nake level. Do you want to remove all your recent searches?

The meaning of twin dragons. (Private Server)Solo anything (including Illidan,Archimonde)

Add or Search Solo illidan private server guilds. It just seems to be less important here to werver unless you're into progression raiding. There is a huge PUG community. Send me a PM if you are interested. I don't play on Illidan now, but at one point considered making a character there, but there was a queue. Why would you waste money server xfering for pvp? Illidan is a lot of fun for solo-play. There is an addon to block all Chinese chat. Many players never need to join a guild. Hope it helps. Remember Me? Expect Short woman dating a tall man to drop you like a hot potato though after Solo illidan private server mistake or if they don't like what they see if they inspect you or look you up on the Armory. I was only there for a few months so I couldn't name a good casual guild. That blows.

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Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 14 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: On what level I can solo Black Temple? On what level I can solo Black Temple? So, I'm leveling a rogue at the moment and I'm at level I really hate leveling nowadays, so I just que for dungeons and it's pretty slow. But I'd like to take all opportunity to kill Illidan and well, all the other bosses for transmog items. Anyone have an experience on lower levels? Signature by the awesome Winter Blossom.

Reply With Quote. Why you think the Net was born? In conclusion: You are not prepared! Level 85 is about the first time that people managed to solo Illidan. That was a decently geared DK as well, iirc. Level 90 makes it quite trivial. Originally Posted by Blackmist. Not prior to level You need 10 level difference for the legacy buff to kick in. Without that you won't go very far.

Originally Posted by Delaios. Since you probably won't farm any epic gear first you can buy a full set of ilvl gear from the quartermaster in Hyjal and you should be able to solo without any trouble. Here is my rogue for reference, full run takes me around 20 minutes.

Last edited by Mazterr; at PM. Originally Posted by Mazterr. Legacy buff starts at two levels above the content, for vanilla content it starts at 62, tbc at 72, wotlk at 82 and cata at 87 MoP doesnt have legacy buff. I would say that if you do 1k hits normally at level 72, you will be doing 10k hits in TBC raids, and this increases with level.

Given the fact that you can 10 man Black Temple these days, you won have much trouble with certain classes so high 70's depending on class or low 80's for solo. On the other hand, people say that legacy kicks in at 10 levels above the mob which i dont believe as bosses are 3 levels higher than the content they are in, meaning you would need a level 83 character for legacy to kick it.

Last edited by mmoce6b; at AM. Originally Posted by ariassh. Originally Posted by alduron. Intel i7 K 4. Originally Posted by Uggorthaholy. Thanks but no thanks, Lora, for making me question everything in existence forever. Originally Posted by Foj. Originally Posted by Russia. As a rogue you only need to care about 2 bosses.

Illidari Council and Illidan. The rest can be skipped. Adjust your positioning so that eventually one of them goes through the door. Shadowstep to it. Keep them all alive, run to the next door after the second boss, repeat the method to shadowstep through it. Do this all the way until you are past Mother Sharhaz, the door by her is the last one you need to shadowstep through.

Then you can run up and go to the illidari council. One blade flurry killing spree will kill them all. Then talk to Akama and he'll open the door and you can kill Illidan. I bet that level 80 or 85 is now soloable due to the way they squished stats and made cataclysm and earlier raids super easy. I am a filmmaker! Symphonic, don't describe an exploit. And you don't need to be 80 or 85 to solo BC-Raids. All times are GMT. The time now is PM.

Try to get into Ironwolf Clan if you are horde. New Link. Since it is horde dominated, questing is a breeze as horde. Normal 25 raids were regularly pugged while the content was relevant. It wasn't for our guild, nameless, faceless masses of players, login queues, having to play Horde. Intern Made This B..

Solo illidan private server

Solo illidan private server. A good US Horde PvP server not Illidan?


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TeamSpeak Server. Purchase VIP Points! Top Voters Reward Top 50 Voters. For instructions on connecting to our 3. Surfacingx , Admins 3 weeks ago. Cyph3r , Owner 3 weeks ago. Moderator: Community Manager. Sat Dec 24, am. Not sure if a pally can solo them all I think they can , but I'm fairly sure DKs can. The exception of this are the SH bosses, seeing they're immune to diseases. Sat Dec 24, pm. Using several spells and 1 glyph of diseases.

If you run low on HP do deathstrike and you are back in game How many times have you seen sr dk dieing on illidan? I saw many of them. Ofc,there are many of skilled dks,donor or non-donor. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I know how to play a dk, but I die on Illidan Sharkpool wrote: I know how to play a dk, but I die on Illidan Sun Dec 25, am.

Sharkpool wrote: oh For all the unholy presence dk fans, it doesn't reduce your gcd, it just makes your gcd bar fill faster but you still cant use the ability for 1. I don't know about full donors but my Pally can solo Teron but my DK can't. Thus I'd say Pally heals are superiour to DK. Nabi96 wrote: array01 wrote: i can solo illidan using my dk, i not donor.

Sun Dec 25, pm. SR3 can't solo Illidan. I've seen a Remorseful Warrior take Illidan without dying but he did have others as backup. Good SR3 Dk can solo him,timing is of the essence.

Cause of adds,you lose alot of hp,placing mark of blood at the right time is essential,just like pestilence and deathstrike. Tue Dec 27, pm. I smell Smoke Someones pants are on fire.. Illidan has that healing debuff Impossible to solo him especially if youre a non donor with no help what so ever. I'm stuck! Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 2 guests. Board index All times are UTC. Copyright by Eternal-WoW. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction of this content without written authorization.

Solo illidan private server

Solo illidan private server

Solo illidan private server