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Vintage boat clock made by united

Vintage boat clock made by united

Vintage boat clock made by united

Vintage boat clock made by united

Has a cream colored clock face with 2 blacks hands red second hand with blue numbers. This one is the Lighted version and looks Vintage boat clock made by united on the mantel. Beautiful scrolling acanthus leaf design and sits on 4 curved legs. There is a woderful label on the inside case with a very official looking wax seal attesting to the "Five Year Guarantee", although the People friendly sex toys of exceptions is fairly lengthy. This clock is in very good working condition. The clock face is green with gold. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for looking.

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This era occurred during the reign of Napoleon I. Terry, Eli Waterbury Clock Co. Get laid mature was known for its accuracy. Ins is Required. Moving figures. I have had several of Juba Schatz clocks, but this model is Vintage boat clock made by united rare. Caperkid loves this. Look over photos. New Haven clocks. Instructions can be found on line. Big Clock, and very classy. Lantern clock: These are antiques that used to be carried at night or attached to horse-drawn carriages.

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. Filter 1. All Auction Buy It Now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery View. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. The clock isn't working properly parts and repair.

Makes a humming noise not sure what the problem is. Dirt, oxidation, marring, age distress etc is present. Condition is Used. The hand is broken and the one strap has been repaired. Otherwise in great display condition and works. Model Clock lights and revolving motion scenery is fully tested and working perfect! I don't see any cracks or breaks and everything looks to be original. I haven't done anything to the clock.

It works fine! United Clock Corp. The base is made of Wood The Clock is Gold in color. The Wood base. Very unusual. Made In Brooklyn N. Model No This clock is in great shape. The clock works fine. Original label is ripped in half. When I got the clock there were ropes hanging on the sails. Made in USA. Benefits charity. Electric Fireplace Mantle Clock. It still works, as I tried to show in the pictures. The last few years it was not being used because my mom didn't have a place by a plug-in for it.

My mom put a red Christmas tree bulb in the fireplace to make it look like fire. See similar items. With a little TLC, it could be really wonderful. United Model The second hand moves smoothly.

There is a "hum" to the motor. I don't believe this is brass. It is in good shape with light wear and a few light scratches. It is also in excellent working condition. The photos shown are the exact item you are purchasing. Tested and working, the eagle at the top rotates. Not sure if this is natural to the clock or if a screw is loose. I tightened the scree to the best of my ability.

Brass and wood. She is missing the original glass that would be set in front of her, but does not affect it what so ever. Self Starting electric Clock. Ins is Required. It features a wooden bowling pin with an electric clock that functions properly.

Exactly as Pictured. It is in good condition. It is The top is designed with wing like designs. The clock face is green with gold. There are four dancers beneath the clock face that go around in a circle and as they move, the individual dancers twist too. I love it! Metal horse and clock do have some light pitting as you can see in the pics but they are still in nice shape. Faux marble plastic base is in nice shape!

Tested and works just fine. Many are over years old. I am not a clock expert and I do not service them. United Clock corp. There appears to have been a bottom cover which is missing from this clock. Motion sailboats run smoothly and quietly. This is a beautiful clock in perfect working condition. Each dancer is hand painted with the female dancers adorned with tiny gemstones.

The gold finish is in excellent condition as well as the verdigris crackle finish of the Interior Base. The clock works, the light works with a switch on the back. It's made Exclusively by the United Clock Corp. This is a late 's model It was made in Brooklyn NY. To maintain the original look. Very little to no signs of wear. Please see attached photos as they represent the quality of condition. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for looking. In very good condition.

Clock, light and arm of man all work. Missing the reigns. Works great and looks even better at night with the 'glow' from the fireplace light. I am an antique junkie.

The intricate and finely detailed casting including "Joe Louis" and "World's Champion" in raised relief and laureled detail. My dad paid a pretty penny for this clock originally and did his own restoration to make this clock absolute beautiful. Beautiful scrolling acanthus leaf design and sits on 4 curved legs. This is a beautiful decorative clock case in the French Rococo style with a floral motif.

It's a cute little clock. Look over photos. It is in perfect working condition. The pendulum swings and it looks like a tiny grandfather clock. It is wood and has been hand-painted. It is electric, and runs smoothly. Its foundation made of solid hard clipper wood and has a solid brass clock case, sails and fittings.

Nautical sail boat Clock manufactured by United Clock Corp. Brooklyn, N. Got one to sell? Sponsored Listings. Make an Offer.

Please see attached photos as they represent the quality of condition. The cord is discolored and does show its age but functions fine and is original to the clock. Best Offer. Amiar loves this. New Haven Clock Co.

Vintage boat clock made by united

Vintage boat clock made by united. You are here


West Sea Company : Nautical Antiques

Maritime Commission by the venerable Seth Thomas clock company. A minute chapter ring on the periphery of the dial is marked from 5 to 60 in single second intervals. This clock is an good time keeper and is in excellent cosmetic condition showing signs of its actual wartime use.

Complete with period winding key. Over half off! The Merchant Marine Act formulated a Long Range merchant shipbuilding effort to design and build five hundred modern cargo ships.

The Maritime Commission was also tasked with administering a subsidy program to build and operate ships under the American flag. In the late 's, several dozen merchant ships were built for the Commission under the original shipbuilding program. Then in the late fall of the Emergency Shipbuilding program came into being, in order to support a lifeline to Great Britain and nationalize American shipbuilding in the event of war.

Thousands of ships, including Liberty ships, Victory ships, tankers and freighters were produced. Many were converted to Navy auxiliaries, notably attack cargo ships, attack transports, escort aircraft carriers, and tankers which became fleet replenishment ships.

The Commission also was tasked with the construction of many hundreds of U. Navy ships including LST's, Tacoma-class frigates and troop transports. By the end of the war, U. Navy by the Hamilton Watch Company. A very unusual feature of this Hamilton is its fluorescent hands and numbers.

Lancaster, Penna, Made In U. This was used to signal the exact minute for researchers conducting hydrographic surveys and astronomical observations. The movement is contained within the solid brass bowl or "tub" with spring-loaded dust cover, slung in gimbals inside the box and equipped with a knurled gimbal lock. Another very unique feature of this presentation is that this WWII chronometer is housed in the early-style Ulysee Nardin box with lock.

Since that time the company closed its doors. Lancaster, PA. All fittings are of solid brass including the box stays, button latch, folding drop handles and hinges. This fine chronometer is literally in mint condition inside and out. It is totally original and fully functional. Complete with its early style Nardin-style ratcheted chronometer winding key and box lock key.

Absolutely investment quality. A specimen of this type will never go down in value. This is a rare opportunity to acquire the very best at this bargain price. Check eBay for a similar offering. None are to be found. Order Info. Navy by "Hamilton Lancaster, PA. It features blued steel spade hands with Arabic numerals, minute chapter and an individually marked seconds bit at the "6" o'clock position.

The damascened nickel-plated brass movement is a thing of beauty. It is engraved, "Hamilton Watch Co. Model jewels Adj. Made in U. Navy Bu Ships The gimbal assembly functions properly and can be locked by a thumbscrew and lever inside the box.

The 3-tier solid mahogany box has a glazed middle section bearing an instruction plate concerning setting the watch. The top has a solid mahogany lid. Both sections are hinged with clever box lid stops to hold the upper portions in place when opened. Each contains a nickeled brass button latch which opens and closes easily providing a secure closure. The front bears the nickeled brass maker's plaque reading, "Hamilton Watch Co. The watch is an excellent timekeeper having just been professionally serviced by a certified AWI watchmaker and is in top running condition.

The front of the outer box also bears Hamilton maker's plaque and is complete with hook and eye closure.

The outer box is in absolutely pristine condition as well. We have seen scores of these in our tenure. This is the best one we have ever seen! Anyone owning one of these fine timepieces has every reason to be proud of this possession. On pages he writes, "These beautifully designed watches were truly remarkable timepieces, the performance of which was outstanding.

This 2-day marine timekeeper has bold Roman numerals and a minute chapter swept by blued steel spade hands. This indicates it manufacture by the Thomas Mercer Company circa The dial is protected by a thick beveled glass crystal set in the highly polished brass bezel ring.

The right rear of the bottom tier contains the original ratcheting chronometer winding key. The sides of the lower tier have inset folding brass handles. The front has a matching key escutcheon for the box lock which is complete with its functional skeleton key.

This chronometer is a strong runner and the overall condition is excellent. Hallgren established the company at 29 Sodra Hamngatan, Gotenburg, Sweden in He was apprenticed to the house of Breguet in Paris.

The high grade movement is a work of art, with beautifully finished damascened nickel brass plates, the large innovative Elinvar-metallic balance, jeweled pivots, spring detente escapement, and of course a chain drive fusee.

The movement is fitted into the solid brass bowl or "tub" with spring-loaded dust cover, slung in gimbals within the box, and equipped with a knurled gimbal lock. All fittings are of solid brass including the box stays, button latches, folding drop handles and hinges.

This fine chronometer is in near mint condition inside and out -- hard to believe it is over 75 years old! It is completely functional and comes with its earlier Nardin-style ratcheted winding key. But if this were not enough, it also comes complete with an original mahogany outer carrying case of the finest quality. It has a padded green felt interior, brass hinges, a hook and eye closure and retains its sturdy leather carrying strap. A rare early example of the ultimate American marine timepiece.

Truly investment quality. Not to be compared to later "production" models. Such involvement would require a massive fleet of Navy and merchant vessels plying the vast oceans. Such deployment required accurate navigation, which up to that time was only feasible using a chronometer for accurate timekeeping at sea.

The U. Government, acutely aware of the impending need, sent out an urgent request to clock and watchmakers of the era to produce an adequate time keeper. The Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which had never produced a full size chronometer before, stepped up to the call with its famous Model This splendid precision instrument was inspired by the Swiss chronometer made by Ulysee Nardin. But Hamilton took the basic design of the Nardin much further. Another was its use of Elinvar in the balance.

The dial is swept by delicate solid gold spade hands. The movement, in a word, is magnificent. It has decorative spotted plates in a bright finish, complemented by brilliantly blued steel screws and a diamond end stone on the balance cock.

Of special note is its very unusual auxiliary compensation consisting of brass spheres, one on each side of the balance arm. The special movement is contained in its brass chronometer bowl with gimbal. The bottom of the bowl has a rotating spring-loaded dust cover for winding.

It is housed in a simple rich African mahogany box with gimbal lock and box lock with skeleton key in the lower tier. The middle tier has an inlaid ivory disc. Above it is the button latch with sun burst escutcheon locking the lid. The lid has an inlaid brass shield. Each side of the box has inlaid folding brass handles. This chronometer is complete with it exceptional early winding key, which in itself is worth hundreds of dollars.

Totally complete and in good working order. This quality ship's clock has a silvered brass dial with bold black Roman numerals, blued steel spade hands, minute chapter ring and a seconds bit showing individual seconds below "XII. The case is the classic ship's clock type with flared bezel and is all brass in its original nickel finish. There is a screen at the bottom of the clock which allows maximum bell sound and it does so, ringing the ship's bell sequence properly with a loud, clear tone.

The clock has just been thoroughly overhauled by a professional AWI-certified watchmaker and is in tip top condition. It is considered a 48 hours type. But in our possession since servicing, it has run 4 days on a single winding. Circa

Vintage boat clock made by united